Oct 21

Join Us at QuickBooks Connect 2016 in San Jose California

If there's a place that is known as "The Capital of Silicon Valley", that place would be San Jose. San Jose earned this nickname due the 7,000 tech companies that are located there. In addition, roughly 35% of the ventured capital funds that are invested into American companies are here.... read more →
Oct 17

Is Your Sign Shop Prepared to Expand?

So you dream of expanding your sign shop? You envision new customers, more production, a bigger space, and of course, more revenue. But, are you ready for this expansion? Are you prepared for this growth? Almost all business owners would love to experience business growth and to develop a brand... read more →
Oct 07
Oct 04

September’s Design Contest Winner #VOXcontest

This month's design contest winner, Clifford Signs, is from Kokomo, Indiana. They designed this really cool van wrap that won their shop a 50 inch TV and the September winner's badge! Make sure you congratulate Clifford Signs on our Facebook Page for winning! I am sure they will appreciate it! Also, share... read more →
Sep 20

Managing Jobs in shopVOX Business Management Software

When a customer makes an order with your shop, they expect you to deliver on time. It's critical to your shop's success that jobs are delivered according to the expectations that you have given your customers. Having an efficient job management system like shopVOX, your jobs are will be managed... read more →
Sep 12
Sep 02

Are you Ready to Kick the Post-It Note Habit?

I know post-it notes seem so convenient, right? Someone calls, you grab your handy dandy post-it notepad, you write down the important stuff from the conversation and maybe a little doodle on the side while they ramble on and on about the weather, then conveniently you stick the note to... read more →
Aug 24

Check out August’s Design Contest Winner

This month's Design Contest winner, Cold Fire Signs, truly has created a unique modular design for Rackspace's headquarters in San Antonio. It was created to highlight the company's many patents and innovation awards. The design is modular so it can be easily added to in the future. The installation consists... read more →
Aug 19

Fun Facts about STOP Signs – Colors and Shape!

  STOP Signs and Color The first STOP sign appeared in 1915 in Detroit, Michigan. There were a variety of colors used for STOP signs until the late 1920s, when the background color was standardized for greater day and night visibility. Know what color this was? Not red - instead... read more →
Aug 17

Check out August’s Design Contest Finalists

Trumpet sounds! Du du duuuu! It's that time again to introduce the top 5 finalists of our monthly design contest! You will enjoy them - they are awesome designs We are super excited to see the submissions from our super talented shopVOX and signVOX users. Their designs are always unique... read more →