5 Powerful Marketing Ideas for Embroidery Businesses

Oct 2, 2019

Despite the rise of the strip mall, thrift stores, and mega retailers, consumers still prefer custom fabrication and embroidered products. 

Elegant, custom designed, and made with better material, custom embroidered logos add swagger and class to any clothing item they’re sewn into. 

In fact, industry surveys by Melco have found that word-of-mouth advertising is the top marketing tactic of embroidery shop owners.  

Custom embroidery and fabrication shops have a unique marketing proposition that most other businesses don’t have. Their artistry.

Marketing this is key to scaling your business and getting new referrals through the order or your order form. 

At ShopVOX, we’ve created a fully encompassing CRM to help embroiders track orders, reach new customers, and profitable price their items. For this reason, we thought we’d share some ways that custom embroidered can market their business and scale their business using these five powerful marketing ideas.

Remarket to Existing Customers

Remarketing is a valuable marketing strategy for all businesses. Remarketing can increase brand awareness for your business, as well as nurture conversions through your sales funnel. This tactic can be applied to prospective customers who land on your website or call your business, as well as clients who have made purchases with you before. 

The best remarketing channels include: email, display advertising, social media advertising, and PPC campaigns. 

Use personal data from ShopVOX to create a personalized message that resonate with customers. For example, if somebody lands on a page promoting specific embroidered logos and browses through your selection use this to create a display advertisement using that very same landing page and photos. 

This can convince skeptical buyers to pull the trigger on a purchase or even remind them of your brand if they haven’t been back to your website for a week or more.

Build Partnerships with Other Businesses

Word-of-mouth referrals may be an embroiders best marketing tactic, but customer retention has a much higher ROi than customer acquisition. 

Contact custom fabrication shops and wholesale retailers to offer your embroidery services in bulk at a discount. By building partnerships you can establish a cash flow for your business, as well as increase your word-of-mouth referrals among other big businesses.

Share Examples of Your Work on Your Marketing Networks

Showcasing your custom designs and your most elegant pendants is an effective strategy that truly resonates with prospects. Most people are primarily visual learners and images put context to your marketing messages. 

Be sure to use high quality images and testimonials from customers to showcase the quality of your work. Use these images in remarketing advertisements, as well as featured images on your website and social media posts.

Host Giveaways and Contests

We always say that small businesses have a better marketing opportunity then established retailers. This is because small businesses with storefront have the advantage of engaging with their customers face-to-face or more personally.

One of the best ways to do this is by hosting and promoting a contest or giveaway on your social media and email marketing channels. Offer special discounts or specialty products for giveaways that entice people to enter and engage with your business.

Shine Through Customer Service

Finally, the best way to receive word-of-mouth referrals is to shine through your customer service and fulfillment to customer needs. Again, small businesses have a significant opportunity to offer more personalized customer service to their most important clients. 

For more information about ways you can market your business to customers using ShopVOX contact us today.

2 / 10 / 2019
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