5 ShopVOX Software Solutions for Effectively Managing Your Vehicle Wrap Business

Joanne Cipressi
Jun 7, 2016
Arizona Color Wrap Professionals Vehicle Wrap Management
This Van Wrap was Designed by Arizona Color Wrap Professionals

   Here at shopVOX, we realize that there is a lot to manage in your vehicle wrap business if you want to be successful.  You need to keep manage – sales, quotes, projects, invoices, material, staff, customers, etc. Unfortunately, in many typical vehicle wrap shops there are issues that arise like wasted time, unclear priorities, guessing, wasted material, illegible job jackets, clutter, and so much more. If you can relate to any of these issues, keep reading! ShopVOX Software offers solutions to help your car wrap business to be more organized and better managed so you can focus on producing and satisfying more and more customers.

Here is a list of 5 common concerns and solutions that shopVOX provides:

  1. Trailer Wrap by Signarama Boca Raton
    Trailer Wrap by Signarama Boca Raton

    Illegible job jackets: We all have seen the sloppy, illegible job jacket. No more having to try to read that scribble anymore! In shopVOX, your orders are legible, clear and will not get lost!

  2. Unclear priorities: Sometimes priorities are unclear due to inconsistent or inefficient communication. This can create chaos, slow production and a moody team. But, clear priorities that are set for each staff member will make your shop run so much more effectively and efficiently. In shopVOX, you set priorities that are clear to every person involved in each project.
  3. Misplaced sales leads: We know the scenario; a sales lead calls in, it is written on a piece of paper, is placed on a desk or in a bin, gets covered by other papers and then becomes lost in a pile! Instead, type the sales lead into shopVOX with notes about the lead for an organized way to manage sales leads and never lose a sales lead again!
  4. This F150 Camo Wrap was Designed by Acerbo's Auto Trim
    This F150 Camo Wrap was Designed by Acerbo’s Auto Trim

    Not having easy and fast access to information when offsite: Have you ever been away from your shop on a sales call or client meeting and had to take up time calling your shop for pricing or scheduling? Sometimes this can take up so much valuable time. Instead, with shopVOX you can be a rockstar and impress your client immediately by being able to create or change quotes and orders right from their site, as well as schedule and so much more – without even calling your shop! This delivers better customer service and saves much time – and yes, makes you look like a star!

  5. Proofing takes too long: Getting proof approval from a customer can become time consuming – especially if done the old school way! ShopVOX makes proof approval super simple! Proof approval is done in the software, along with all notes. You can easily keep track of each revision without having to sort through many emails. It’s all in shopVOX!

There is much to manage when running a vehicle wrap shop. ShopVOX is here with business management solutions to make your shop run effectively. In addition to the above solutions, shopVOX manages your production, workflow invoicing, material and so much more. To better understand how amazing shopVOX is, your best bet is to schedule a FREE webinar to learn more.

Joanne Cipressi
7 / 6 / 2016
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