About shopVOX

shopVOX (originally signVOX) is the world’s first SaaS for the sign and graphics industry. When we first started the company in 2009, there were no online tools for shop management in the industry. Imagine having to manage with just spreadsheets and white boards. That’s what is was like before we came along.
Our Story

shopVOX was founded by two seasoned professionals from Silicon Valley, Ravi Duvvuri and Rao Meka. Ravi has vast experience working for large software companies as well as one of the best technology architects. Rao, on the other hand, has always been a sales person by nature, but he also has a knack for technology and experience with large scale implementations of manufacturing software.

Together they created shopVOX that quickly became the largest SAAS accommodating the needs of any custom manufacturer, including industries such as Signage, Screen Printing & Embroidery, Awards & Engraving, or Digital Printing.

$4+ billion
Our customers have used shopVOX to issue invoices for more than $4 billion combined.
26+ countries
Companies from over 26 countries across the world use our platform to run their business.
3+ million
There have been over 3 million proofs reviewed online in shopVOX so far.
$10+ billion
Quotes worth more than $10 billion have been created in shopVOX.
6 languages
shopVOX comes in 6 different languages to choose from, including Spanish, Dutch, and French.
shopVOX offers the most reliable software with a system uptime of 99.99%.
Our Culture

Our founders believe that life should be enjoyed to the fullest, which is why it is the core value of our company culture. Having a good time makes not only the quality of our lives better, but also our work performance, the products we build and the services we provide. It’s been 10 years since we started and we’re still having a blast! And we guarantee every team member has fun working at shopVOX, which is why the majority of our employees have been with us for more than 3 years.

Our People

Although we do a lot of fun activities together, corporate ladder climbing is not one of them. First and foremost, we are one big team that is then divided into smaller teams, but we don’t uphold any multiple level management systems. We don’t micromanage, either. All of our employees are self-driven, hard-working individuals who know what to do without having to be told. We all work remotely so what we value the most is an excellent work ethic, proactiveness, and simply getting shit done, to put it plainly.

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