Announcing May’s Design Contest Winner – VOXcontest

Joanne Cipressi
May 31, 2018

Practical, yet beautiful. That’s simply explains this month’s VOXcontest winning design.

When you are vacationing or on a business trip using a hotel pool, do you want people peeking through the window watching you swim or relax? Most of us certainly would not like that, unless you are a Kardashian! Wyndham of Newport knew this when they decided to offer privacy for their guests with window graphics in their pool room.

Privacy was not enough. They also wanted something beautiful for their guests to appreciate while they were relaxing or exercising in the pool. The best decision was to create a nautical atmosphere like Newport, Rhode Island offers to people who travel through it. So, Wyndham contacted Just Your Way, LLC to make their idea a reality. 

The Just Your Way, LLC team did just that with this month’s winning design. 

Ryan from Just Your Way, LLC stated, “The project started as a 1/20 scale, hand painted render which was digitally photographed and brought up to exact sizing in Adobe Photoshop. The design was then printed on translucent vinyl and applied to the window. This beautiful panoramic scene glows like stained glass on the inside during the day and outside at night.” 

It’s very interesting to learn what goes into the thought process of the everyday designs we see around us. Here is one great example of a company caring about their guests enough to create an more enjoyable experience for them! While their guests are privately relaxing at the pool, they could feel like they were surrounded by the beauty that Rhode Island offers. Practical, yet beautiful. 🙂

The image here shows you the creativity and talent that won Just Your Way, LLC a 50 inch TV to use shopVOX on and bragging rights!  

Make sure you reach out and congratulate Just Your Way, LLC, on our Facebook page, for winning this month’s #VOXcontest. Share with your friends too! 

*This picture includes overall shot, panoramic view, and close ups of window panels. 


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Joanne Cipressi
31 / 5 / 2018
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