Awards Shop Order Management with shopVOX Software

Joanne Cipressi
May 18, 2015

Awards shops needs to be well organized if they want the best outcome for their jobs. The more organized your awards shop is, the more reliable your shop will be for customers and the more accurate your awards and trophy products will be. As a shopVOX user, we make management of your shop super easy. shopVOX helps you manage everyone in your shop from sales leads to order management to invoicing, as well as staff and customer management. In this article, I will share with you some ways that shopVOX can help you with order management:

  • First of all, tech support is free. When ever you need any assistance, know shopVOX offers free support via phone, online chat and email.
  • trophies sales order managementOrder management in shopVOX include sales order and purchase order management.
  • Simple order creation.
  • Easily assign a sales person, estimator, contact person, etc to orders.
  • Update and/or edit awards and trophy orders very easily.
  • Set due dates and ship date for orders.
  • Start jobs right from the order page.
  • Add items or services to an order is super simple.
  • Manage the orders at any time from any location with internet access.
  • Reorder in a couple clicks.
  • sales order managementCustomer order history available at all times from any location with internet access.
  • Simple convert to invoice.
  • Print or email orders easily.
  • Assign tasks for orders in a few clicks.
  • Easy export to work orders.
  • Simple awards and trophy online proofing.
  • Simple void if needed.
  • Easily view which orders are still open.
  • Generate several different types of daily, monthly and yearly order reports.

If you have noticed, over and over again were the words simple and easy. This is because shopVOX awards management software is super easy and simple to use for people with all types of backgrounds. No need to understand code or any fancy tech terms. The online cloud software is in your terms that you understand. Plus you receive training on how to use the software. 🙂



Joanne Cipressi
18 / 5 / 2015
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