Business Card Pricing

Mar 29, 2021

The services offered at different sign and print shops can vary greatly. However, one service that almost every shop offers is business card printing. Business cards may be small, but they’re an important service for many sign and print shops and can help bring in a lot of business. While there are plenty of businesses buying just business cards, many also buy them as an add-on to other orders. Businesses in all industries need business cards for their employees, and this isn’t going to stop anytime soon. However, this small but important product can also lead to some challenges for sign and print shops when it comes to pricing. 

With business cards being such a vital service for most sign and print shops, you don’t want to take any risks when pricing them and miss out on making a profit. If this is a product you sell often, you also don’t want to complicate things and make pricing business cards harder or more time-consuming than it has to be. Fortunately, with the right print shop software, pricing any type of business card is simple. 

At shopVOX, we’ve created several products that help improve the way your print or sign shop prices business cards. Find out more about how this shopVOX feature can make your job and other team members’ jobs easier.

Products for a Range of Business Cards

At first glance, business cards might seem straightforward, but they can get complicated quickly. There are so many variations that can affect the cost of business cards, and even a seemingly slight difference has a big impact. All of your customers are going to want something slightly different for their business cards, so you’ll have to make a lot of adjustments when it comes to pricing them accurately. This can be a challenge for some, which is why shopVOX is here to make it easier with our business card software. We know the difficulties pricing things like business cards can cause for shops, so we’ve created several products within our software that can help you price any business card orders you have. 

With these shopVOX products, you can create prices for various types of business cards. This includes standard business cards, plastic business cards, magnetic business cards, folded business cards, and majestic print business cards, which include cards with special finishes. Our business card pricing products are made specifically for these different types of business cards to ensure that everything is just right and reflects the order you’re pricing. With shopVOX,  you can price a wide range of business cards using only a few products, simplifying the process for many shops, no matter the order they have.

Within these products, you can easily add any information for an order that will impact the cost. This includes details like how many sides the cards will have, the finish, and the number of cards. You’ll also be able to add other important details, like the information that needs to be included on the cards, while you create the order.

Send Your Order to Vendors

When many print and sign shops fill orders for business cards, rather than having your team do the work in-house. Knowing that this is how many shops operate, our business card pricing products allow you to include information about the vendor you’re using for your orders. You can use whatever vendor you prefer to outsource business cards to, add their information to the order, and adjust the price of the project to include that cost of their services. To order through your vendor, you’ll have to send it out yourself, such as by fax or email. If your vendor allows you to order online, you can also do that instead. 

Learn More About Using shopVOX to Price Your Products

Our business card pricing products are available for shopVOX users to download right now. While business card pricing can sometimes be a challenge, it’s not the only product that your print or sign shop has to deal with. Using shopVOX, you can price business cards and any other product your shop offers more efficiently. This helps make it much easier for you and the rest of your team to determine pricing for different projects and provide accurate quotes for your customers. 

Any print or sign shop can benefit from software that helps make their jobs easier. Learn more about how you can use shopVOX for business card pricing and other ways your shop can benefit from having the right software for print and sign shops.

29 / 3 / 2021
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