Check out February's Design Contest Winner

March 3rd, 2016

Did you see the winner of February's Design Contest? If not, here it is!

This sign was designed by Steindler Signs & Graphix, LLC from Wanatah, IN. Bob Wszolek, from Steindler Signs, commented about this winning, "After we moved to our new location it was finally time to create a sign for our own company. We fabricated this retro-style sign with custom cabinet, routed aluminum faces backed with yellow plex, channel letters mounted to both sides, a gold aluminum arrow with tracing light bulbs, and a simple scrolling LED unit. Our business has seen a major growth just since the installation of this sign!" Creating the right design for a business can really bring in more traffic that can stimulate major growth in a company. Our shopVOX and signVOX users, like Steindler Signs have the creative skills to design a sign that is perfect for your brand's image. Is your custom shop growing due to your designs? Then, perhaps you should try out shopVOX to manage your shop too! Try a FREE 15 day trial today!