Get More Sales by Designing Mockups

Feb 3, 2021

There are plenty of different methods for bringing in new business for your sign shop. This is something every shop needs to do to be successful, whether you’ve been in business for years or are only just getting started. While there are many ways you can go about doing this, you might not know which is best to try out. One great way of getting more business and attracting new clients is by designing mockups.

Here’s some information on why and how you should start designing mockups at your sign shop. 

Why Should You Design Mockups?

You might be wondering if designing mockups will actually be worth it and what exactly it will do for your sign shop. Designing mockups provides something for free for these businesses to see exactly how you can help them. Giving businesses a visual aid can be much more effective than simply telling them what you can do for them. When businesses see that their current signs aren’t working for them and that your sign shop can help improve the appearance of their business, you’re giving them a much better reason to work with you. Mockups are a great way of showing how you’ll go above and beyond for your customers. 

How to Start Designing Mockups

To get the most out of designing mockups, you need to know how to do it right. Here are a few tips that can help you get started. 

Hire the Right Graphic Designer

Of course, designing mockups isn’t going to achieve the results you want if you don’t have the right graphic design talent. Maybe you already have a graphic designer who you know can get this work done, so you’re already finished with this step. However, you shouldn’t only be concerned with quality when it comes to designing mockups. To do this right, your sign shop will need to create around 25 to 30 mockups each week, which can be a huge amount of work on top of everything else your graphics designer needs to do. If you’re interested in designing mockups, you’ll need to either be sure that your graphic designer can handle the work or hire additional talent specifically for this. 

Hiring a good graphic designer can be expensive, and while bringing in more business with your mockups can bring in more revenue to afford this cost, it might not be possible for every sign shop right off the bat. If you’re worried about the cost of hiring a new graphic designer or you’re having trouble finding the right person, there’s still a way for you to get great mockups when you need them. Design services like Graphics Zoo, Graphic Signature, and Design Pickle give you an easy way to outsource the graphic design work you need.

Look for Great Opportunities  

If you’re going to start designing mockups, you need to know where to look for the best opportunities. Finding the right businesses to design mockups for is easier than you might think when you know what to look out for. First, start paying attention to businesses around your area that could use a makeover. In any area, you’re likely to find plenty of businesses with outdated or broken signs that need to be replaced. These are things that you should take note of because these businesses are the ones who are going to be most in need of your help. Some of these businesses might not even be aware that the outside of their shop is lacking and could use some improvement. You should also pay attention to businesses that are planning to come to your area. When businesses are just trying to start setting up shop, they could be looking for services like yours to get everything they need, so it could be beneficial to reach out to them. 

Don’t Invest Too Much of Your Time

When you want mockups to be really successful for your business, you might be tempted to invest as much time and energy as you can into it. While you want to give this your best effort, you also need to keep in mind that it might not always work out for you. You don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to make someone a new customer for your business, but sometimes this just won’t happen. Designing mockups can be great at bringing in new business, but this is also work you’re creating for free with the hopes of someone being interested. At a certain point, you should get an idea of whether or not an opportunity will work out for you so you know if you should continue or not.

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3 / 2 / 2021
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