Award and Trophy Companies

Finally! a CRM for engraving, awards, and trophy manufacturers that isn’t built on outdated technology! We making running your business easy by allowing you to create and send impressive quotes and proofs to your customers in a flash! Set up is quick and easy! Are you still answering the phone to get paid? shopVOX lets your customers pay invoices themselves! And it integrates with quickbooks and xero!!

Sales Leads

Build an custom queue of people you need to follow up on that want to business with you. Easily turn that right into an estimate with the click of a button.

  • When customers call you with questions about awards or engraving, you’ll be able to create a new lead with details about the call, you can even attach assets like logos, and documents as you get them to the sales lead to follow up later.
  • Assign your sales rep to follow up, and get follow up reminders to ensure no lead falls through the cracks.
  • Map forms on your website so that when customers contact you on your company website a deal gets created inside shopVOX with customer, contact and their request.

Pricing tools

Create detailed estimates with a variety of tools. Grids, formulas and your own unique materials and labors.

Speed up the process of getting quotes out and get more people involved as you build formulas anyone can estimate with.

  • Built in pricing tools that can be as simple or complex as you want to make your sales reps quoting a breeze
    • Price your awards based on quantity, set-up, logos, rush and more, or offer a complete price.
  • Grid-price your products like plaques, name badges, characters, etc.
  • Want to combine these charges into one price? it’s all there.

Build detailed estimates with ease and efficiency.

  • Quote, sell and produce every process:
    • Dye Sublimation
    • Laser & Rotary Engraving
    • Direct Printing
    • Complex products
    • Retail Items
  • Email quotes directly to your customer with the click of a button.
  • Send customers a proofs, and see when they are approved without switching back and forth through your email.

Sales Orders

Create sales orders (Work in progress) from estimates for a direct connections to production!

  • Create orders from scratch or convert them from a quote.
  • Print UPS, FedEX, and USPS labels directly from the sales order.
  • Generate extremely useful workflows that work differently between products. After all, trophies and plaques are made quite differently.
  • Attach the customer’s email directly to the sales order for quick reference.
  • Generate POs and Material Requisitions right from the sales order.

Invoice your customer right from shopVOX. Set term amounts and payment methods so you can see who owes you money with just a few clicks.

  • Are you still accepting payment over the phone? If so, we can help! Email invoices directly to your customer with a secured link for them to pay the balance using our payments add-on
  • Use your collections dashboard to see who owes you money. Send them statements and follow-ups until you get paid.
  • Send your closed invoices and payments to your accounting software with our seamless integration with Quickbooks and Xero.

In shopVOX you are able to allocate an amount of time to your staff and machinery. That way when they are booked producing jobs, you can get a good of idea of what you can squeeze in or rearrange to meet production deadlines.

  • ShopVOX lets you allocate an amount of time to your staff and machinery. When you are booked producing jobs, you’ll have a good sense of where you can focus to be more productive and meet production deadlines.
  • Drag and drop resources
  • Bookings and assignments
  • Filter by date, machine and/or person

Book the shop and visually see the “can i get it done” moments.

  • Assign and schedule employees to individual steps on your job, like design and proofing, purchasing, your laser engraver, or assembly.
  • Schedule which job goes on which machine.
  • Each employee can have his own dashboard that lists specific tasks. Automatically send them an email with their schedule every morning.

Goodbye confusing emails.

  • Upload your acrylic proofs to shopvox, then send it to your customer with one mouse click. Check back or be notified with your customer approves, or requests changes to your proof.
  • Your job status will be updated automatically.
  • Customer approval with date and time stamps
  • Staff notification
  • Version and approval history
  • Local artwork file path


The keyword is configurable. We know your trophy and your plaque need to go through different workflows, shopVOX makes it easy to do this. While you make it personal for your customer, we make it personal for you.

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It sounds cool! Well it’s yours when you sign up. Know and be aware of what’s happening without even pulling one of our fancy reports.

  • Visual dashboards showing customers, business intelligence, jobs, and more.
  • Dashboards are company wide and user based.
  • Can your current system let you access your entire account at home, the office, and on the road? ShopVOX does!
  • ShopVOX doesn’t require a computer, so you can access your account on the road, and do just about everything.
  • Be there without being there.
    • Compatible with common mobile web browsers, especially iPhone/iPad, smartphones, tablets, and your laptop.
    • Work from home? You betcha!

Get a full suite of more than 40+ industry standard reports

  • Aging invoices
  • Sales tax
  • Completed orders
  • Job times

We know not everyone needs to have access to your entire shop. Set key roles for users so that you can keep you important information secure.

  • Set up user roles to control who has access to what features and information in your account.
  • Send notifications via push or email for the different events that happen inside shopVOX
  • Static IP access if needed
  • Work day and hour settings