Sign Companies

ShopVOX gives you everything you need to manage your commercial sign company.

Estimate many signs easily and accurately, track jobs in any way you want and make it easy to get paid from your customers. All in one beautiful interface.

Sales Leads

Use shopVOX’s CRM features to keep information organized such as files, notes, dates and email.

  • Build a custom sales pipeline to keep leads organized
  • Add files, notes and due dates.
  • Connect your Gmail inbox
  • Get alerts
  • Turn the lead directly into a quote.

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Create detailed estimates with a variety of tools. Grids, formulas and your own unique materials and labors.

Speed up the process of getting quotes out and get more people involved as you build formulas anyone can estimate with.

  • Build simple or complex estimating formulas
  • Import and export materials
  • Use formulas, grids, and markups to build the perfect product.
  • Sample data available to help you out, which is easy to update.

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Sales orders

See your pipeline of orders so you can see how much you’ve got in the shop yet to be invoiced.

  • No limits
  • Attach files and notes
  • Manage status
  • Take deposits

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Finished the job? Great bill them right away and get paid!

  • Status assignments and filters
  • Export to Quickbooks or Xero
  • See open invoices and who owes you money easily
  • Take payment via (add-on feature to PRO)

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Reports and Receivables

Easily identify where you money is coming from, what you are selling and not only who owes you money but who is your best customer.

  • Canned and custom reports available including sales tax owed.
  • Easy to read dashboards
  • Collections feature to email and print statements.

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Manage like a PRO. Book people and machines based on their availability. See the bookings easily with drag and drop management.

  • Drag and drop resources
  • Bookings and assignments
  • Filter by date, machine and/or person

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Job Boards

Keep track of all of your orders and how far along they are with automatic status updates and completion graphics all on a variety of job boards. Stay right there as you update jobs and details right from the same screen.

  • Order board (manage on the fly)
  • Search and filter by sales rep, due date status etc.
  • Bulk updates and visual cues that due dates are approaching

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End the confusion and take proofing out of your inbox. Upload your proofs to shopVOX. Then send to your customer with one click.

Your customer quickly approves the proof or tells you what changes they’d like to make.

shopVOX will automatically update the job status for you, and even send notifications to your designer.

  • Customer approvals with date and time stamps
  • Staff notifications
  • Version and approval history
  • Local artwork file path

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Automate responsibilities to groups of users or to specific people. Trigger only the alerts you want to know via a push or email. ShopVOX will help you stay on top of things.

  • Task users or roles
  • Filter based on need, rep, project manager, user or role.
  • Email and on-screen

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Nothing helps an entrepreneur than the data from their business. Always be aware of what’s happening without even pulling a fancy report.

  • Visual dashboards for customers, business intelligence, jobs and more.
  • Company wide and user based.

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