shopVOX Coach

Hi there –
We’re looking for the right people to fill our shopVOX coach position.

As a shopVOX coach you’ll help signups go from “Help me – I’m new!” to “Man – shopVOX is awesome!”

We’re currently ONLY interviewing candidates with apparel industry or digital/offset printing industry experience.

About You

  • You’ve worked in a sign shop, print shop, screen printing shop, or similar company – so you’ve got first hand industry experience. You speak the “same language” as our customers.
  • You’re a doer. A self-starter. You’re comfortable taking charge of a loosely defined project – asking for clarification when you need. You like to move fast and experiment often. Occasionally that means you’ll be asking for forgiveness, instead of permission.
  • You communicate effectively. And when in-doubt you over-communicate. You’re comfortable talking with teammates and customers in different channels – chat, email, phone, or web conference.
  • Details are important. You realize that small details like the wording in an article or the removing an un-necessary step in a long process can greatly improve a customer’s experience. In the industries we serve, small details make or break companies.
  • Helping out is your default mode of operation. You like talking with and solving problems for customers all day long. But you’re also eager and ready to help a teammate with a task or offer your expertise for a new project.

_3007442025x-1Members of the shopVOX team on our last retreat in Austin, TX

About shopVOX

  • For the past 7 years, we’ve been helping sign and print shops run their businesses more effectively with web based software.
  • We serve the Digital / Offset Printing, Vinyl Signs / Large Format Printing, Electrical Sign / Service, Decorated Apparel, and Awards / Trophy industries.
  • We believe in small teams. Small teams move quickly and get more done. Less management – more results.
  • We’re a small company. Everyone on our team has the opportunity to make a big impact – both on our company and our customers’ lives.
  • We’re bootstrapped and profitable. We have ZERO debt and no outside investors – so there is no outside force guiding our decisions. Our only shareholders are our customers.
  • Our entire team works remotely. We believe this is the future of work. You’ll be measured by your output – not how many hours you spend in the company office. 

What you might do

  • Work hand-ons with new sign up to guide them through our 5-step implementation process
  • Write a detailed, how-to article on how to correctly setup pricing for a vinyl sign inside shopVOX (complete with annotated screenshots)
  • Help customers with any issues – large or small – via on our online chat support tool
  • Plan and develop educational content aimed at helping new shopVOX sign-ups get started
  • Keep meticulous notes on your interactions with customers – and report your feedback and findings with your team leader
  • Conduct online training webinars and demos to train customers remotely via GoToMeeting
  • Fly out to a customer’s shop across the country for 5 days to setup, train, and implement shopVOX for them (all expenses paid – of course)
  • Jump on a 30 min phone call with a customer – because the issue is better solved through a real conversation – than email or chat.

The package

Location: Anywhere

Our entire team works remotely – so you can work from South Africa, South Carolina, or from a beach in Mexico.

As long you’re an effective communicator and you’ve got a fast, reliable internet connection – we’re all good.


  • Competitive pay (based on experience)
  • Flexible schedule (we understand that life sometimes doesn’t fit neatly in a 9-5 box
  • Annual retreats to awesome destinations (the last two? San Fransisco, CA and Austin, TX)
  • 10 paid holidays off
  • 2 weeks paid time off
  • Health insurance allowance

You’ll get to work with awesome print and sign shops in the US and around the world.


How to apply

We’re currently ONLY interviewing candidates with apparel industry or digital/offset printing industry experience.

First, complete this form with your answers to the following questions.

  1. How did you hear about this position?
  2. Why would you be a good fit for this role?
  3. Tell us about the last time that one of your customers experienced an issue.
  4. Which 3 of our sample tasks (listed in the form) MOST excite you?
  5. Which 3 of our sample tasks (listed in the form) LEAST excite you?
  6. Write up a brief plan for how you would onboard a new shopVOX user on their first day.
  7. What do you do for fun?

Apply Here

Last – please wait for us to reply. We reply to everyone – even if it might not be a good fit.