New Employee – Guide

The shopVOX guide to newbies!
Welcome! Let’s work hard and have some fun.

Welcome to TechVOX Inc. We’re excited to have you here. If you are ready to join a team of hard working individuals, and are ready to do your part then great things are possible with shopVOX. Not to mention great growth. We are in a market, in that every country in the world speaks the same language of Custom Manufacturing. The process is practically the same everywhere. Better yet, they all need a better way. 

That’s where you come in; our champion to a better way via shopVOX. 

Please use this guide as a resource in understanding the existing tools we use and how.  Additionally you’ll want to become familiar with who to contact for what and when. Following the existing process is important so that we can provide the best possible service to our customers. If you have any questions please ask your team report so that we can help.

Again, welcome to the shopVOX team!


Here are a few of the main colleagues  that you’ll be interacting with here at TechVOX Inc. 


Here you will find an overview of the tools we use and how to use them.


Here are a few helpful resources for you to get up to speed on the shopVOX software.


The things you are mostly likely to be asked by a customer.