Opening an Online Store with shopVOX

Joanne Cipressi
Jul 6, 2020

There are so many reasons why a custom shop would benefit from opening an online store. A larger customer pool, a lower startup cost, making changes on the fly, and your business can be open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week are some of those reasons.

Even though there are so many awesome benefits to opening an online business, many people hesitate to open a shop online because of several uncertainties. Business owners often have a lot of questions and are not sure of the solutions. Here are some of the common concerns:

  • What products to sell?
  • How to set up the store?
  • I am not a web designer, so how can I easily design my store?
  • What name to call the store?
  • How to get paid?
  • How to market an online store?

Opening an Online Store with shopVOX

shopVOX offers an ecommerce solution that solves most of these concerns. Check out how:

  1. Set up and design your online store. Setting up a store in shopVOX is easy. Since you already have all your products in shopVOX, you simply need to transfer them to the shopVOX store. This video shows you how to set up your first webstore with shopVOX.
  2. Add a shopping cart. A shopping cart in include with your shopVOX ecommerce package. No code needed. Once, you set up your online store, you can easily set up shopping cart details this way: Go to your Company name >> Account Settings >> Settings… Once there, scroll down the page to cPortal / Shopping Cart Settings.
    online shopping cart for custom shop store shopvox
  3. How to get paid: Getting paid is easy with shopVOX’s shopping cart mentioned above. You set up credit card processing through one of the following methods
    – QuickBooks
    – Square
    To learn how to set up these credit card processing refer to this article: How to set up credit card processing options.
  4. Naming your store: With shopVOX’s ecommerce solution, you add your store your current website. Therefore, no need to add a new name.
  5. Marketing your store: shopVOX manages all areas of your business from sales to invoicing. shopVOX covers all of those bases and you need to cover marketing. However, we do have some articles with some great tips to get you started: Increase Traffic to Your Website and 5 Tips to Sell More Online.

With shopVOX’s ecommerce tool, you can set up your online store fast and selling more products from a larger base of people. Check out how one shopVOX user set up their online store with shopVOX’s ecommerce tools: Ready to Run Graphics.

Contact your sales rep to get started. They are ready and happy to help you!

Not a shopVOX user?
Learn more about shopVOX by attending a live webinar:

shopVOX business management webinar
Joanne Cipressi
6 / 7 / 2020
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