Pricing Vehicle Wraps with shopVOX

Feb 3, 2021

Vehicle wraps are great for advertising for many different types of businesses that require traveling. This allows businesses to customize their vehicles how they want to grab people’s attention wherever they go. Countless people will see a company vehicle every day on the road and be exposed to the brand, which makes it a great one-time investment that can really set a business apart.

With so many good reasons for businesses to invest in vehicle wraps, many sign shops now offer this product, and many businesses focus solely on providing vehicle wraps. However, pricing for vehicle wraps can be difficult if you don’t have a reliable, consistent method of doing it from customer to customer.

Here, you can learn more about how you can use shopVOX print shop software to price vehicle wraps efficiently.

Specify the Details of the Vehicle

First on shopVOX, you’ll want to include all the details of the vehicle you’ll be working on. The make, model, and year of a car can all affect the amount of materials you’ll need to cover. Not every client will want the vehicle wrap to cover the same areas, so you’ll also want to include exactly what parts of the vehicle are included in this project. When you include the area and square footage of the vehicle, don’t make figuring out these numbers any harder than it has to be. At shopVOX, we recommend using The Bad Wrap to help determine this portion. This will tell you the square footage of each panel you’ll need for this project, so you don’t have to find this out for yourself. If there’s any prior damage to the vehicle, even minor, you should also make a note of this.

Determining the Cost of Materials

The price for each project may vary depending on what materials you’re using, so this is important to get right. After you include the make, model, and year of the car, you’ll also need to provide some information about the materials being used in this project. You can choose from the materials you use for vehicle wraps in your shop and select which one you’re using for this project to ensure you’re charging the right price for the amount you’ll need. 

Include the Costs of Labor

The materials aren’t the only consideration you’ll have when determining the overall price of a vehicle wrap. You’ll also need to include the costs of labor to price each project. You can spend hours designing a vehicle wrap, so you need to include exactly how long this step takes you so that it’s reflected in the cost. Maybe you don’t have to do much to design a wrap for this customer, so there might not be much to charge them as far as the cost of the design goes. You’ll also be able to note in shopVOX if the project is a rush job, which would increase the cost. In addition to the cost of labor for designing the vehicle wrap, you’ll also have a labor cost for applying the wrap to the vehicle.

Color Changing Wraps

While vehicle wraps for company cars are common, many people are also looking for vehicle wraps for their personal vehicles. This is similar to other vehicle wraps, so if you’ve already been creating quotes for vehicle wraps, quoting a color changing wrap shouldn’t be difficult, and you’ll follow many of the same fields. However, color changing wraps have a few key differences that can affect the cost. Fortunately, shopVOX allows you to quote color changing wraps just as easily as you would for other vehicle wraps, but with a few different fields to make the cost more accurate for these jobs. 

For example, color changing wraps don’t require you to design the wrap, so you don’t have to worry about including the cost of labor for a design. The materials you’ll use for a color changing wrap are also different from other vehicle wraps, so you’ll be able to choose from various colors and finishes of the materials your shop offers. You can also use this to customize what areas of the car will be wrapped, so you know the cost of the materials.

Find Out What You Can do with shopVOX 

With shopVOX, you’ll have a much easier time determining costs and quoting customers for vehicle wraps and color changing wraps. Our software makes it easy for you and your team members to price vehicle wraps and provide quotes to your customers. By creating a quote with shopVOX, you know you’re charging an adequate amount to make a profit off of each project, and you’ll have an easy-to-understand quote for clients so they understand the price of their project.

If you run a sign shop or vehicle wrap business, find out more about how shopVOX’s features can help you.

3 / 2 / 2021
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