Importing Customers and Data


Importing Customers and Contacts


Customers in shopVOX are the companies or organizations that you are selling to.

Contacts are the people at those companies.

You can import customers and contacts from your current software to shopVOX

Step 1. Export from your current software

You’ll need to acquire your contact list in either .CSV or .XLS format. See below for explainations of how to export from different software.

If you don’t see yours on the list – look through your current systems’ documentation for Exporting Data or Exporting Contacts/ Customers.

Exporting Contacts from Quickbooks Online
  1. Goto Quick Books online and click on Reports on the left hand side.
  2. Then in the search box pick Customer Contact List
  3. Then Click on the button Customize
  4. Here click on the button Change Columns
    1. Here select all the columns on the left hand side and click on Add, make once done there are not more columns on the left hand side
  5. Then go to the bottom and and click Export to XLS

Save this file, but do not make any edits or changes.

Step 2. Download our import template and add your contacts

(This step is optional but recommended.)

Download the Contact Import Template

Once downloaded – copy and paste the data from your export into the correct columns on our import template sheet.

When using our template, shopVOX will recognize the headers and be sure that everything is put in the correct place.

Step 3. Import file and match headers

Click the button below to do this inside your account.

Show Me How to Import My Contacts and Customers

Importing Materials

Materials in shopVOX are the raw components that make up your finished sign, shirt, or product.

You include materials on the Pricing Templates for your Products.

Your materials may include:

  • Vinyls
    • 3M IJ 35C Calendared Vinyl
    • 3M IJ 180Cv3 Cast Vinyl
  • Substrates
    • 3mm Dibond
    • 4mm Coroplast
  • Hardware
    • Posts
    • Frames
    • Stand-Offs
  • Blank Shirts and Apparel
    • Gildan 5000 Heavy Cotton Shirt
    • Next Level 6210 Shirt
  • Ink
    • High Quality
    • Standard Quality
  • Lamination
    • 3M 8508 Calendared Laminate
    • 3M 8518 Cast Laminate

Sample Material Lists

Sign and Large Format Materials - US (Imperial)

This spreadsheet contains many nationally used materials for the sign industry.

  • Vinyls
  • Substrates
  • Lamination
  • Hardware
  • Accessories