Personalize your Account


Add your logo

The first thing you should do in shopVOX Pro is personalize your account.

Add your logo so that all the quotes, orders,  invoices, and emails sent from shopVOX will show your branding.

Add Your Logo

Add your address info

Next up – add your shop address and phone information.

This is an easy one – it is on the same page as your logo.

Add Your Shop Address and Phone

Customize your forms

You can track a lot of data in your shopVOX account. And I mean a lot.

This data is very valuable for when your customer places a re-order or you need to find details on a job 3 years from now.

But when you’re first starting out with shopVOX, it can be a lot of information to fill in. Especially if shopVOX is the first business management software you’ve used.

To get the most out of shopVOX, you should customize your forms.

The Job Form

Step 1. From Your Account > Navigate to Account Settings > Forms


Step 2. Select the fields you want to use

Go row by row and select the fields you want to display on the Create Job page.

To disable a field from showing on the form, just uncheck the “Visible” box

To re-enable a field, just check the box