We had almost given up — I had spent literally hundreds of hours researching and looking for the right software to manage our shop. We knew we needed help, but didn’t know what to do.

Within 2 years, I had wasted $10k on two other softwares that didn’t work out for us. There were other options that were good for one or two pieces of our business, but none that did everything we needed.

We started to believe that we wouldn’t find something that worked spending a fortune to have something custom built for us. We had looked at signVOX — but it just wasn’t right for the all the other pieces of our business — screen printing and embroidery, promotional products, and digital / offset printing.

A year later, when we saw they (techVOX inc) were releasing shopVOX, we jumped at it right before the end of the year.

We set up our users and we were tracking our jobs within a couple hours. No more job tickets scattered everywhere in the shop.

It did take a bit longer to get our pricing setup in the system, but now that we’ve started using it — I’m more confident in the prices I give to customers. Our quotes are more consistent and I have a better knowledge of what it will cost me to produce a job.

With shopVOX, I feel back in control of the shop. I put more orders out the door with less headache – that’s more money in my pocket and more time with my family.


Tim Grigsby,Simple Solutions Printing
Just wanted to shoot you an email and say thanks. I really enjoyed the webinar, even though it had a lot of information it had a good pace and you explained everything clearly with some good examples. I look forward to taking more webinars and using ShopVox at our shop in the future! I’m also very impressed with the amount of support that ShopVox has to offer.
Joe Smiglicki,Sandpiper Signs & decals
I sat around most of the weekend inputting more materials and products into ShopVox and I have to say, it’s coming together nicely. Basically after talking to Rao, the issue with having taxable and non-taxable items bundled in one product lies it the ability to properly import invoicing into QB. No problem though, in the end I created a two products for labor. One for installs and one for all the creative stuff, graphic design etc… Now I just add the labor product and select my labor type, click a box if a lift is needed and any other options.

Once you get a firm grasp on exactly how the formulas work, and the difference between a formula and a filter (could use some explanation in their knowledge base), it’s pretty simple to set up even if time consuming.

I’m running mock quotes as I add product etc… to ensure it all works right but so far these are just a few of the pricing templates I have set up:

Routed signs – click your substrate, paint or no paint etc… and price a sign in seconds

Channel letters – type in my letter qty and height in inches, BOOM instant price

Real estate signs – pick your substrate, add vinyl, click on post size needed. Need a V style sign?, just click second side and pick the length of your third post, DONE.

Super Efficient. We are transferring over from solely using QB and estimation software. Previous I was the only person in the whole shop putting together estimate, handling the work orders and invoicing. While QB did everything I needed, the process can sometimes be slower, and nobody else could really utilize it. Even if I showed staff how to use QB for estimates/invoices, there would also be the issue of them having access to the company’s financials. ShopVox solves a lot of problems and looks like it will be quite beneficial once up and running on a day to day basis.

Chip Wallace,SignPro Plus

It’s very useful! With all complex programs there are learning curves, bad user habits etc. to content with, but I personally like it a lot.

I come from the chemistry field, We have very, very complex programs that do similar functions with different variables. I would rate this program pretty high all-in-all.

Alex Jensen,Vape Labels