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Keeping your customers organized is easy to do in shopVOX. Keep track of the history of each company simply in a few clicks to view notes, transactions, and any attachments associated with that company. You can add and manage the contacts right from the company page and be in the know of all of the communication that was made with each contact. Keeping your customers organized will save you much time and impress them at the same time!

Create the Quote

Creating a quote in shopVOX estimating software gives you plenty of control of what and how to price. Set up your database of items based on your costs, your terminology, and your profits. Easily search by name or scroll down and pick the product. Up sell the base product price by adding options such as installs, design time, permits, and other enhancements that determine the final price. Simply enter dimensions and quantity and set discounts based on size and quantity. All finished? Email the quote and attachments to your client right from the quote screen. Total control, speed and consistency with shopVOX…the way pricing should be.


Get paid faster with invoicing through shopVOX. Send an invoice directly to your customers through the cloud and keep track of the status of each invoice. Know which invoices are due and overdue. Easily set payment terms and create reports. Invoicing should be non-complicated and with shopVOX its super simple to do and to track!

Create a Sales Lead

Creating a sales lead is often the first step to entering a customer’s information in shopVOX. When a potential client calls they can be entered as a customer and then the conversation can be tracked from the very first phone call. Owners and sales managers can look at independent leads and assign them to the appropriate staff member and see how the job progresses. Create notes, tasks and a quote directly from the lead. Also track your won leads versus the lost leads, then follow up on lost leads. Create the lead right in shopVOX and stop the paper trail madness!

Create the Sales Order

Sales orders are the beginning of the production process in shopVOX. As you create orders from either an estimate or directly, set due dates, install dates and if needed time.  Set up shipping info, addresses, and even include notes about tracking codes and other important information about the order. Attach all job files, like artwork, site survey photos and measurements right to the job so that they are all in once place. Let shopVOX help you stay on top of everything with its on-screen notifications and email alerts about job progress, responsibilities and due dates.

Online Proofing

Offering online proofing speeds up the design approval process. Sending your designs and quotes for approval through shopVOX allows you to keep track of the approval process and make it easier for the customer to request changes if needed. Fast approval process means faster turn around of jobs which in turn will impress customers and can mean a more productive shop.

Job Intelligence with Job Boards

With shopVOX Job Boards, you will have job intelligence. At a glance, you will know the status of each job, as well as the stage of each job. You can know immediately which jobs are past due, due soon or have more time to fulfill. There are several ways to view the job board depending what is most important to you. Job intelligence with shopVOX will help you manage your jobs better than any dry-erase board will.

shopVOX Dashboards

When you first log into shopVOX, you come to the myVOX Dashboard which is a bird’s eye view of what is associated to you. There are also dashboards for transactions, customer relationships, production control, business intelligence, and more! Dashboards are a convenient and easy way to be in the know of what is happening overall in your shop. More organized than post its and piles of to do lists and other papers.