5 Ways Lead Management Software Can Help You Achieve Your Sales Goals

February 16th, 2016

Hopefully by now you have set your sales goals for your shop. If not, this would be a smart move since businesses that set sales goals tend to be more proactive at attaining more deals. If you have set your sales goals, are you on target for achieving your goal for this year’s first quarter? As a shopVOX user you have a sales lead management system that can help you.

Here are some ways how:

Note Taking:When talking with a sales lead, there is a lot that is communicated. Sometimes remembering all of what what stated during each sales call can be challenging. Fortunately, as shopVOX user you have the chance to take notes from each and every sales call so you will have a record of what was discussed. This record can be recorded in the lead's file and is easily retrievable. This can be helpful for future reference or if another staff member needs to know what is happening with the sales leads and you happen to be out of the office.

Assigning Tasks: You can assign tasks to staff members right from the sales lead in shopVOX account. These tasks can include anything from follow up calls, to research or preparing a quote. These tasks can be tracked so you know if and when they are being completed.

Contact Dates: Never miss a contact time or date again! On the calendar view of your sales leads, you will easily see which sales leads are to be contacted on what date. Checking the calendar at the beginning of every week will give you time to review notes and complete tasks for each sales call. This preparation will greatly enhance your chances of closing the sale.

Know who each sales lead is assigned to:When you create a sales lead, you can assign a sales rep. This is helpful, because when the sales lead contacts the shop, you can simply look at the sales lead in shopVOX and immediately know who to transfer the call to. This can impress the sales lead as they will witness how organized your shop is.

Access sales leads 24 hours a day from any location with internet access: Having access to your notes, tasks, contact dates and all other sales lead information can be very helpful when away from the office. Since both shopVOX and signVOX are on the cloud, this is possible. When on a sales lead call on their site or at home with a sick child, this access can help you win the sale instead of either postponing it or losing it. Zig Ziglar stated, “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” Once you set your sales goal, make sure that you use the Sales Lead Management areas of shopVOX or signVOX so that you can reach the other half of your goal and win more sales!