8 Ways to Improve Customer Service with Sign Shop Management Software

June 17th, 2015

Excellent customer service is vital for any business and can certainly be a huge reason why a customer becomes a repeat customer. Sign shops primarily deal with other business owners creating signage of all types. When dealing with other business owners or managers, your customer service team, as well as any other staff members that deal one on one with customers, need to deliver professional, prompt and knowledgeable service. Can a sign shop management software program really help? Of course and here are some ways how shopVOX can really impress your customers:

  • Have product knowledge:  In shopVOX, there is inventory management. In this area, you input the products and services that your shop office, as well as their descriptions. This information can greatly help customer service reps be in the know about what your sign shop offer. Within a few clicks, your customer service rep will know what each product is.

  • A calmer, more focused presence: When staff members are more organized, they tend to exude a calmer and focused presence, instead of a stressed and scattered one. shopVOX allows you to manage and organize your sales leads, quotes, orders, production, invoices and materials, as well as staff, customers and vendors. When all of these areas of your shop are under control, staff can remain more calm and focused on others tasks.

  • A more organized shop. When a customer comes into your shop, they immediately get a feeling of whether the shop is organized or not. And if they are there for some time, they get this feeling even more. Part of customer service includes your shop's environment. Is it organized or chaotic. Both types affect your customers. Of course, the more organized shop will bring in more repeat customers. shopVOX is an amazing tools for organizing all of those areas mention in the previous bullet point.

  • Quickly and easily change quotes and orders. Orders and quotes are easy to change in shopVOX. Within a few minutes, you can send your customer their new quote or order impressing them with your promptness and attentiveness.

  • Promptly provide your customers with the information they want to know. If your shop is like most sign shops, customers are always calling to inquire about the status of their job. Within a few clicks and a few seconds within the phone call, you will be able to tell your customer his/her job status. This is without having to put them on hold, transferring to another customer or calling into the production room to inquire. All of this information will be on shopVOX which can easily be viewed by customer service.

  • Less mistakes: When everything involved with an order in inputted into shopVOX, there is a record that can be viewed by all people involved in the job. Therefore, there is less confusion and more confidence in what is expected for each job. This leads to less mistakes.

  • Receipts can be emailed or printed out immediately after payment is made. As soon as you apply payment, you can send their professional looking receipt via email or print it out. This enables your customer to file their receipt faster.

  • Customers feel valued. Since there is a sign shop customer management section in shopVOX, you can list each customer and include notes, files, and image in their profile. In addition, you will have a history of their past quotes and orders. All of this information can help customer service reps and other staff member to exhibit customer intelligence which greatly impresses and make them feel valued.

As a shopVOX user you have access to your shop's business intelligence that can greatly improve customer service! Make sure you are taking advantage of this feature.Have you experienced improved customer service at your sign shop due to shopVOX? If so, please include your story in the comments below.

~ The signVOX team.