An Overview of shopVOX and How it Can Manage Custom Shops

February 27th, 2019

You have heard that shopVOX can manage your custom shop? What does that mean? What does shopVOX manage and how does it organize all of this management? There are many questions about how shopVOX can manage so many areas of a business.

It's quite fascinating how shopVOX can actually accomplish all of this management in one system. Basically, this management is based on common sense. It's all about order. ShopVOX allows you to organize and manage your shop in the flow of your shop. Every job starts with a sale. So, shopVOX begins your management process by allowing you to manage your sales leads and quotes. After you close a sale and a quote is approved, an order is created. These orders are then managed and converted into projects and jobs. All of these steps can be customized to suit the needs of your workflow. After projects and jobs are complete, it's time to bill and process invoices. ShopVOX easily manages these steps for you as well. 

A complete management system would not be complete without employee, machine, inventory and customer management as well. ShopVOX supplies all of these as well. ShopVOX is so well put together, that you can quickly look at a customer and know how many jobs they have in progress or how much money they owe. You can figure out within minutes which machines are available for a new project and if the needed material is in stock. ShopVOX literally can keep your shop managed so efficiently that you will certainly notice a reduction in stress and less time wasted. Watch this video for a visual of how well shopVOX can manage your custom business.  shopVOX 101 - Big Picture from TechVOX Inc on Vimeo.