How Can Print Shop Software Enhance Shop Management

February 26th, 2015

Running a print shop is serious business. There is much to managed to ensure that the shop run smoothly and that product are ready as ordered and on time. A print shop has various areas that need to be managed to run effectively and efficiently.

Some of the key areas include:

  • Employee management.

  • Material management

  • Machine management

  • Sales management

  • Quote management

  • Order management

  • Project management

  • Invoice management

  • Customer management

  • Vendor management

That is a lot to keep track of, right? The most successful print shops have a system in place that ensures their business is properly managed in all of these areas. 

shopVOX on the CloudAs a shopVOX user, you have access to all of this management on the cloud. So, you can be in the know of all that is happening in your shop at any given time whether you are in the shop or away. Since shopVOX is on the cloud, you do not have to worry about configuring your computer to work with this print shop management software. All you need is there when you log into your shopVOX account. 

Print Shop Management with shopVOXManage everything from the moment you get your first sales lead to the delivery your products.

  • Sales Leads: The second you get in you hand your sales leads, you can input them into your shopVOX account. From there you can assign the calls, create notes on each lead, and track the status of each.

  • Create Quotes: Create quotes easily based off of custom pricing templates. You can create as many templates as needed. After the quotes is created simply send out the quote for approval and keep track of the status.

  • Manage Orders: Once a quote is approved and the order is made, you can manage the order from start to finish. Management includes tracking the time it takes to complete each step, knowing what stage the order is at, assigning parts of the order to staff, machine management and so much more. When using shopVOX, you will know when there are new orders and what is going with each order at any given time. It's so convenient!

  • Invoicing: Invoice customers right from shopVOX and track payments as well. Always be on top of payments and know what is owed all the time.

  • Reports: Create reports of what orders are active, avoided and completed. This can give you a quick overview of how your business is going.

Make Good Use of shopVOXshopVOX offers so much that you can truly experience efficient and effective shop management. The key is to make sure that you really use. Track every lead, keep up to date on the status of each job, apply all payments, etc. When you and your staff all do this, you will see your shop transform and run smoother than you have experienced in the past. Plus, having all of this business intelligence at all times offers invaluable knowledge that will allow you to know what direction your print shop is going and what areas may be best to push it into. You already have the best print shop management software available, now make good use of it! Use it everyday and learn to use new areas of it often. If you are not a user of shopVOX already and are looking for a cloud based print shop management systemthen make sure you get a free trial and see for yourself how amazing this software is.

~ The shopVOX team!