Tips for Creating an Art Proof Email Template

March 14th, 2018

Do you ever look at the clock during your workday, realize that it's already near the end of your scheduled workday and you wonder, "Where did all of the time go? How can it be so late already?" Each action you make in your workday takes up time and effort. Every little task uses up time that adds up and before you know it, the workday is over and you still did not complete all the tasks you were planning.The simple task of writing an email to each person reviewing a art proof can take up valuable mental focus and time. This mental focus and time of constructing an email, while it is only a few minutes, it's a distraction away from another task. Studies show that distractions from other projects cause lower performance and leaves less brain power. But, if you can remain focused on one task, you are more productive and save design proof approval email templateIn shopVOX, we give you the option to prepare email templates that you can send along to your customers. When you use these mail templates, you can save brain power because you do not have to think about what to say, how to say it, nor if your grammar and spelling are correct. This mental focus is now available for other tasks making you more productive.One of the email templates that we suggest you create is the Art Proof Email Template. This is a template that you can send to everyone that you are sending art proofs too. Here is a sample template that I created for you to review:

Hello ,   I've attached the art approval for your project for you to review.  Please approve by clicking on the approval button. If you have any changes, please select the make changes button and add the changes you want to make. We suggest that you print the actual size view of the art, cut it out and then view it on a t-shirt for a better visual if needed.Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you,{} 

Here are some tips for creating your email templates in shopVOX:

  • In shopVOX's email templates, you can use HTML for creating personalized templates. I created another article for you that share HTML tips to get you started. 

  • Address the person you are writing to. You can easily include this in your template by using this code, . 

  • Include a link to your terms and conditions page. You should create a terms and conditions for your art proof approvals. You can include these terms and conditions on the same page with your other terms and conditions. 

  • Include your user signature by using this code, {}. This article will give you tips for creating your user signature if you have not created yours yet. 

  • Be polite. Use words like "please" and "thank you". 

  • Explain what the customer needs to do to approve or edit the art proof. While the process may seem self-explanatory to you, not everyone thinks the same way. Easy and quick directions are usually appreciated. 

  • If you have different products, you can create several different art-proof email templates. You can create one for t-shirts, one for signage, and one of business cards. Make it easy for yourself. 

  • Remember, that you can always edit, add to or delete the content in your template at any time. You can even change the content as needed when you add to a proof. It's super easy. 

  • Double check for mistakes!! This email will be sent out again and again. So, it's important to ensure that it's grammar and spelling are correct. 

To set up your art proof email template, simple go to your POS Settings. Then click Emailed Document Templates. The click New Template on the right. (See the image above.) Then, use the tips provided in this article. Using email templates allow you to keep your mind focused on other tasks. There is no need to think about your wording nor worry about mistakes when you prepare a template to send out to your customers.