20 Ways to Boost Sales Leads in 2020

January 8th, 2020

Make 2020 the year to increase your revenue. The first step is to increase your sales leads. Here are 20 ways to encourage more sales leads from your website.

  1. Stand out with images.
    Images stand out more than just text. As a visual company, this is most important. Make sure you have images on every page where you have a call to action.

  2. High-Quality images.
    A low quality, grainy, or unclear image will give a poor impression of your custom shop. They will not trust your designing skills. Therefore, make sure your images are of high resolution. After an image is uploaded, check to see how it appears on your website.

  3. Write articles about your projects.
    Show off your projects on your blog. Write briefly about the process and use high-quality images of the project so potential customers can see the quality of your products.

  4. Provide regular content on your blog.
    When you provide content on a regular basis on your blog, Google takes notice. When Google takes notice, traffic often increases.

  5. Keep content reader-friendly.
    Industry terms are no usually known by the common public. So, it's wise not to use those words. Using words that are relatable to your audience will entice them to read more.

  6. Use the right keywords.
    The right keywords will improve your SEO. If you have an Adwords account, you can use Google's keyword search to find the best keywords for your custom shop.

  7. Include call to action links within every blog post.
    Include a call to action that is relevant to each individual blog post. Add a link within the content to a landing page like this one here.

  8. Add a call to action button at the end of each blog post.
    Add a button at the end of the post that will lead to a landing page. The landing page should be for an offer that would appeal to the reader. For example, use this call to action button to lead them to a guide, webinar, quote form or a special offer. Check out our call to action button at the end of this article.

  9. Share blog articles on social media.
    Blogs with great keywords that post regularly will have traffic from Google. But, if you post to social media, you will increase your traffic even more.

  10. Use smart hashtags on social media.
    Using the right hashtags will bring more attention to your posts. Be careful not to go overboard with hashtags, especially on Facebook.

  11. Smart phone number placement.
    If you want people to call your business for quotes, orders or to find out more information, make sure that your phone number is at the top of every page.

  12. Create an email newsletter.
    Start a newsletter that is informative and provides value. Include blog posts, care tips, company updates, and specials.

  13. Less images in emails.
    While images are great for blog posts, too many images in an email can take them too long to upload or send them to spam. One or two pictures is usually perfect.

  14. Include links in emails.
    The goal of the email is to encourage the reader to take action and to visit a page on your website or to join your on social media. So, include links to your posts, social media and an offer.

  15. Don't be too pushy.
    Don't constantly and only be pushing your products. This can be quite annoying to many people. It's wise to offer informative content like care tips, funny (but appropriate) posts, company updates or industry news. This is true for blog posts, social media posts and newsletters.

  16. Website on mobile.
    Since people are accessing websites more from their phones these days, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If not, you may be turning customers away.

  17. Website speed.
    If your website pages are slow, potential customers will go elsewhere.

  18. Offer live chat.
    While visiting your website, people may have questions but they don't want to call. Offering live chat for those people improves your chances of attaining other sales leads.

  19. Offer a contact us form.
    These days there are lots of people who don't want to pick up the phone or even chat live, Offering a contact form will open the doors to these people.

  20. Be consistent and patient.
    There are some customers that are ready to buy now. But, most customers do research and need nurturing, When you are consistent with the above suggestions, you will be able to get a steady flow of sales leads.

Your website can a great source of sales leads. Take advantage of this great opportunity that won't drastically increase your monetary expenses. It does take time, but it's time well spent.