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shopVOX has become a critical component of our success. When we started working with shopVOX our annual revenue was $150,000. This year we will be more than $650,000.

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Tim Smith

When it comes to diversity for a shop, we stand at the top of the mark for the number of services we provide (which can be chaotic at times). We’ve been in business for 24 years and originally started out as an award and engraving shop, then we added apparel, promo, and signage. Now, we are a team of about 14 employees. We offer large format printing, UV printing, engraving, embroidery, and screen printing, and we operate out of two locations to manage sales, in-house production, and fulfillment. About 50% of our orders are apparel, 20% are promotional, and I’d say 15% awards and 15% signage. We wanted to be the one-stop-shop where we develop a stronger relationship with the customer, which has helped with our growth over the years.

We started using shopVOX in 2016, and we had gone through 4 other software systems previously. We are a very complex shop, so it was nice to see that shopVOX covered the variety of industries that we service. One of our orders could contain screen-printed apparel, engraved promotional items, and signage and it all has to come together to work.

The main area that we’re in every day in shopVOX is the job board. We’ll open the job board and check job statuses, and see where everything is at in production. We sort the job board by our departments such as embroidery orders, screen printing, engraving, and signage, then we divide those tasks out among the team. From a production standpoint, we use it daily and it keeps the shop organized. Also, the customer service staff will use the job board as well to update the orders regarding proof approvals, purchasing, and ordered materials - that way we know which orders can move forward to the next step in the workflow.

One of shopVOX’s shining stars is the integration of the proofing module with the job.
With shopVOX, we are able to integrate online proofing that we send to the client with the actual order, and all of the data is collected in one place. When we send a customer a proofing link, we can see their activity, how many times they viewed the proof, did they look at it repeatedly, the last date the proof was viewed, and shopVOX will time-stamp the approval date and name of the person who approved. This all helps our customer service team follow up. shopVOX makes it easy for our clients to approve proofs with a big green thumbs-up, so there’s no question, and it’s very clear! shopVOX also keeps track of proof revisions, which is very helpful. It holds our customer service team accountable to maintain follow-up, connect with clients, and keep up with tasks.

shopVOX is a BIG game-changer for software in our industry!
Before shopVOX, our order management was the main crisis. Since production wasn’t flowing correctly, customer service would think the orders would be ready, when in fact they’d be sitting in production waiting on something. The disconnection between the staff was a major issue. shopVOX has improved our overall efficiency as a company. It centralizes communication and minimizes mistakes. Everyone at our shop lives in shopVOX - I’d say at any given point in the day, 90% of the computers in our shopVOX have shopVOX up and active. When it comes to orders, you’ll see our team utilizes the Notes Feature to update the team on order changes. It keeps important information in one place. Those notes will be added to the order and then action is taken. It is very helpful with internal communication, not letting balls get dropped, so the customer gets what they are expecting.

Joanne Tanzi
Jason Signmakers

Jason Signmakers is the largest sign shop in Perth, Western Australia. We have about 130 team members, and we’ve got a full in-house capability from flatbed printing, screen printing signs, welding, and fabrication for large structures. The first signage project that Jason Signmakers was involved in took place in 1949, for a large road infrastructure project, which continues to be our core market and we’re proud to say that we are the leaders in the state for road signage. In addition to road signage, we manage signage for mining and hold contracts with government organizations for a network of buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation.

The sheer volume of orders that run through our shop is massive compared to an average sign shop. We typically run about 450 - 600 active jobs through production at any given time, as well as manage about 1000 new sales orders per month. So, it is very difficult to find software that suits our needs. Knowing that shopVOX was built for the signage industry, we were able to tailor it for our use.

shopVOX PRO has given us the ability to make our business more consistent and efficient.

We have built over 4500 standard products, each with a custom template in shopVOX, which has drastically improved how our sales team manages quoting. Before shopVOX, we had a lack of pricing consistency. Everyone had their own way of quoting. Some people had a different spreadsheet or price list, others priced from memory. Nothing was consistent. With shopVOX, now anyone can open a new quote, type in a part number, and that product will come up and it’s already been costed and discounted for the customer if needed. It’s much faster to be able to send out more quotes, and our sales team is more confident knowing that the pricing is accurate.

We love the interface and the fact that it is a cloud-based system.

I really like the artwork approval process in shopVOX. It manages art revisions all inside the platform. We used to be in a world sending proofs through email and never really knowing if the right artwork was assigned to the job. In shopVOX, I really like the ability to put that back onto the client to properly sign off, and it also provides a date and time stamp of approval. It brought control that we didn’t have before. We move a lot of jobs through, so it’s nice to have certainty in that area to know that this is the proof that was approved by the customer.

The job board in shopVOX has meaningful data, anyone can go to the job board and update a customer on the job status. Our team can manage the customer’s expectations by having more visibility to where jobs are in the process. I would recommend shopVOX to other companies. The major benefits come from making sure that it’s built in a way that is usable for your shop. The customization makes shopVOX a good fit for a small business, or ones the size of Jason Signmakers.

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Ketil M. Staalesen, CEO, Modulex Group

We moved to shopVOX as a global team to ensure better end-to-end management of the sales process. The versatility of having the sales leads and orders in one platform and facilitating tracking and managing projects has been vital in helping our efficiency. It allows us greater visibility in measuring the business development team's performance, and the navigation is very intuitive.

Jeff Sherman, Sign Specialists Corporation

I live in the job board because I am in operations and it works very well for us. But pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the most robust and best functioning section of the software is the POS side with job costing, product build and materials. I do very much enjoy figuring out how to create pricing algorithms and all that to build the products that we sell. It works very well and is intuitive.

D. Rose Jones Headshot Deluxe Design.
D. Rose Jones, Deluxe Design

We've had great success with shopVOX. One of the biggest selling points for us is syncing seamlessly with Quickbooks. Our accountants love it! We love that it's cloud-based, which is a huge benefit last year when people worked from home. It's simple and quicker for our team to turn around quotes.

Eric Hoock, Pensacola Sign and Design

We use shopVOX PRO to the fullest extent. I run between 120 and 150 jobs on my job board constantly, so we rely on the custom workflows, which is fantastic and is superior to any other software company. shopVOX has streamlined everything and has completely simplified our lives!

James McIntosh, Signwise Auckland

shopVOX allows us to quote quicker with custom products. We use the Business Intelligence and Sales Goals Dashboards to help us track metrics - now all of that data is at the click of a button! And, the Customer Portal makes it easy for repeat customers to place orders online.

Paul Williamson, Art Sign Works

We depend on shopVOX PRO completely. It has really changed our whole way of doing business, and it has enabled us to grow. We could not have tripled our size without it!

Joanne Tanzi, Jason Signmaker

We are the largest sign makers in Perth, Western Australia and it was difficult to find a platform that suits all of our needs. The custom product templates in shopVOX have helped us provide consistent pricing for our clients. And the digital job board helps us share information across the whole team.

Tim Smith Headshot Logoboss.
Tim Smith, Owner, LogoBoss

We do it all - large format printing, engraving, embroidery, screen printing, promotional, fulfillment. shopVOX covers all of the different industries we service. The job board and online proofing are the two features that have improved how we process orders. It centralizes the information so our team is always informed.

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