3 Reasons Why Customers Leave Your Website

August 3rd, 2020

Having a website that performs well and is welcoming will invite people to browse through your website longer. The longer they are on your site, the greater chance of the them ordering a custom product from you.

Whether you have a custom sign shop, a print shop, or a custom wrap shop, a website can increase sales – if it is people-friendly.

I imagined that you worked hard to create your website. You spent hours seeking the perfect colors, design, and images that represent your company's brand. You spent hard-earned money on hosting, templates, and perhaps website design and optimization. Aesthetically appealing is most likely one of your main focuses. After all of this effort, you want to make sure that people are having a great experience while also appreciating the look.

More and more people are online to order products, to become more informed about businesses and to see the quality of work that a custom shop does before they decide to order. With increased traffic online and increased competition, having a website that people want to stay on can give your business an advantage.

You can check your website's analytics, especially the bounce rate, to see how long people are staying on your website. If you notice that people are leaving your website after a few seconds of being on it, you are losing out on businesses. Why are people leaving your website quickly?

There are many reasons that people leave websites and we will discuss three of them here:

Broken Links

Getting a 404 message after clicking it can be a bit annoying. If a potential customer is unable to reach a page they are interested in seeing, they will move elsewhere.

In addition, if you have many broken links on your site, Google and other search engines will consider your website neglected. This often affects the SEO ranking of your website.

Suggestion: Fortunately, you don't have to comb through every link of your site to see if they work. You can use Google's Webmaster Tool.

Page Loading Speed

Have you ever been on a website and it takes so long for a page to upload that you get up to make a cup of tea or coffee while it finishes uploading? Unfortunately, many of us have.

The fact is that slow sites kill conversions.

People are trained to expect fast service, quick delivery, and fast loading websites. Most won't wait for each page to load if it takes longer than a few seconds. When this happens, fewer pages are viewed and they leave the website - most likely to a competitor's website.

Suggestion: Test the speed of your website using this Google tool. You will be given suggestions on how to optimize your website's speed.


As a custom manufacturer of signs, print, or other custom products, the technical terms you use most likely different from the terms that your customers search for and understand. If you use these technical terms on your sign website, the information may be difficult to digest and visitors may click away.

Suggestion: Create easy-to-read content. Content that is understandable to customers will keep them on your website longer.

Avoid these issues and you will have more people stay on your website longer. This increases the chances of conversion.

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