5 Tips for Custom Shop Management with shopVOX Software

July 3rd, 2015

Custom shops, like print shops, sign shops, awards shops, and vehicle wrap shops have a lot to manage and to keep track of. Every day new orders come in that are different than the orders that came in the day before. Each order is custom, so details are so important. Management of these orders and your shop is vital so that all turns out as expected by your customers. Everything starting from sales, quotes and orders to materials, design and follow ups need to be carefully managed or chaos can occur. As a shopVOX user, you have access to a complete management system that will help you avoid this chaos. Here are some tips for successful custom shop management using shopVOX:

 Manage sales leads. Sales leads are where everything starts with your clients. The communication that you have at this beginning stage of your client relationship is very important as it can either make or break a deal. Keeping track of each lead, the communication notes of each lead, and tasks that were completed for each lead within your shopVOX software can really enhance your relationship with your clients from the very beginning and for the rest of your working relationship since you will have everything you need to know in your shopVOX account. Learn more about Custom Shop Sales Management

Utilize Online Proofing. Online proofing helps greatly with managing a custom order. Online proofing allows you to keep a visual online record of each change that was requested and each design that was approved. This proof, when using shopVOX is available to you at anytime you need it. No more searching through piles of proofs or even emails. Easily find each proof whenever you need them. Learn more about shopVOX's online proofing.

Assign tasks in shopVOX. Assigning tasks within shopVOX allows you to keep track and have a recorded of everything that was done for your customers. Task are marked off when completed, so one can easily know what needs to be done and what is already completed. This can be very helpful in the case of a staff member calling out sick for a day or two. Simply look at his task list and know what needs to be done. Task management is super easy in shopVOX.

Create custom workflows for each project. As a custom manufacturing shop, you most likely have multiple custom processes in order for completing all of the different job types you have. This is why shopVOX allows you to configure your workflows in shopVOX. You can create workflows that are unique to your shop so you can manage each step and the entire successfully. This definitely adds more peace and less stress to staff members.

Material Management. Knowing which materials are in stock should be easy. One should not have to run into the materials room or keep looking on shelves to see what is in stock or not. Keeping track of each material within shopVOX allows you to always be in the know what is on hand and what needs to be ordered. In addition, having a database of materials, with descriptions added to each one, in your shopVOX account, can help sales people better explain them to customers. This can help speed up the sales lead process. Running a custom manufacturing shop can be either full of chaos or can be orderly. But, you really need to have a system in place. shopVOX is the perfect system for helping to manage a custom shop because it offers all of the above and so much more. With shopVOX you have access to tools that manage all areas of your shop from sales leads all the way to invoicing...and then more!

If you are a user already, try to explore more and more of this super easy to use custom shop management software. If you are not a user, make sure you check it out and see how this custom shop management software can truly transform your shop. ~ The shopVOX team