5 Tips to Sell More Custom Products Online

September 12th, 2018

Selling online can be very lucrative. There are thousands of examples of people who live completely off of their online stores and many that are making all of their dreams come true simply by selling online. In order to be successful selling online, there are some practices that are necessary. Here are 5 tips to get you started: 

  1. Online marketing campaign: It would be awesome if you could set up your online store and immediately people are filling up their shopping carts! Unfortunately, setting up your online store is just the beginning. After you do so, the marketing campaigns begin. You need to strategize a smart marketing plan that will reach your audience. 

  2. Create an email list: Marketing online is only one way to reach potential customers for your online store. Building an email list has so many perks because it allows you to stay in front of your customer - inside their personal email box. Creating an online landing page that encourages them to sign up for your newsletter, tips, or to learn more about your products help build this list. 

  3. Monitor online communication: Check twitter, Facebook and other social sites where people may chat about your products. Twitter is one of the most popular places where people will complain about products and services. When you discover someone talking about your products or services, whether negative or positive, it's wise to engage with them. Reply to their post of send them a message if you are able. 

  4. Build trust: People want to feel safe buying online. Provide a phone number and/or online support so they can call to ask questions. Provide an address at the bottom of the page, so they are reassured this is a real company. Provide images of your shop or the staff to become more personal. There are many scam website, so when you provide this information, it allows consumers to feel safe on your site. 

  5. Collect reviews: After people buy your products, ask for reviews. Email and ask for them. Offer incentives for these reviews if you find they are not willing to give them. Reviews are an excellent way to build up trust of your website, products and services. 

These tips will help you to bring people to your website and ensure that they can trust your online store. Make sure you come back next week as we explain how to do each of these in more details. As a custom product shop, online selling can bring in more customers. But, they need to find you and trust you. There are so many ways to do this. So, stay tuned for more tips. To learn more about building you online store, watch this video: Selling Online with Webstores.