5 Ways Sign Shop Management Software Can Organize Your Sign Business

June 2nd, 2015

We are halfway through 2015. By now, you may have a pretty good idea on the direction that your sign shop is heading for the year. Are you experiencing growth? Are you bringing in return customers? Are you attracting new customers? Are your employees content and in great spirits producing the results you are looking for? June 1st is a great time to reflect on these questions and to look over the operations of your shop. How your shop is organized has a great impact on your success. As a shopVOX user, you sign shop staff has access to the best sign shop management software that can organize your business so you can focus on more important things like sales calls, networking, and improving products, as well as, family, lunch, and enjoyment.

Here are 5 ways that shopVOX can organize your sign shop so you can be more successful:

  • Experience less clutter. Less paper piles of quotes, invoices, post it notes and sales leads all over desks will surely make your office look more organized. This will save tons of time because you will be able to easily find your quotes, invoices and sales leads while being up to date on notes, changes and other information about your jobs and clients in a few simple clicks.

  • Tasks on the cloud. Instead of leaving post it notes, sending emails or yelling our task to your staff, put all tasks into shopVOX. When a staff member goes into their shopVOX account, they will see all they need to do in one place. They can check off tasks as they complete them so you can see when and if they are completed.

  • Organized workflow: Workflow is so important in a custom sign shop. With all of the variety of products that are offered, there can be different workflows for each project. In shopVOX, you can customize workflows for each product. This is helpful in keeping your team on top of the production process. Everyone will know what is happening now and what needs to be completed next. No more guessing or running back and forth to see what the next step is or what has been completed. All is visible on the boards.

  • Manage your customer contacts:. Imagine having access to your customers' information that is simple and complete. Simply upload your contacts, add new contacts, label contacts add notes that apply to each contact, and then keep track of sales calls, quotes, transactions, jobs, invoices, etc. All of this information is available in seconds, so you are always in the know and up to date with what is going on with any customer or potential customer. This also impresses your customers because they can tell that you are organized, which of course is appealing to a person doing business with you.

  • Machine scheduling: Have you ever overbooked a printer, laminator, or another machine? Avoid that by scheduling machines in shopVOX. When you overbook a machine, shopVOX alerts you to let you know so that you can avoid delays and complications.

With less clutter, managed tasks, organized customer contacts, organized workflow and machine scheduling your sign shop will be sure to run smoother which will enhance production, staff morale, and customers' views of your shop. Make sure you are getting the most out of your shopVOX sign shop software by using all of these features mentioned above, as well as all that this system offers.