6 Tips to Reignite Your Passion for Your Print Shop

August 10th, 2015

Are you excited and passionate about your print shop? Do you wake up looking forward to your work day and feel energized as you walk through your shop doors? Hopefully, you do!! If not, then this article is for you.

Here are 5 tips that can help you boost your energy levels and bring a renewed passion to your shop: 1. Set boundaries between work and play: If you find yourself always working very late at the shop and taking work home on the weekends, then boundaries may be an issue, This can cause some people to get tired of work, because they leave no time for play and often not much time for family. So, setting boundaries can certainly help. Of course, the key is sticking to those boundaries. 

Solution: If you are typically overworking most days of the week, start off slow with taking time for play. Schedule an hour a night to do something fun by yourself, with friends, or family. 2. Assign tasks to staff: One of the reasons that shop owners may tend to overwork is because they take on too much! It is so vital to assign tasks to your staff. Let go of some of the work you are doing and trust your team that they are capable of doing these tasks. Trust goes far in a business and can leave you more time for other important aspects of your shop and also more time for play. 

Solution: shopVOX allows you to assign tasks to your shop team within seconds. You can even keep track of the status of these tasks at anytime to ensure they are complete. 3. Exercise:There have been a lot of studies and articles that show how beneficial exercise is for mental fitness, reducing stress and increasing energy. The Mayo Clinic mentions a bunch of benefits that come from exercise - all of which can improve how you feel about coming to work and being at work. 

Solution: Make time to exercise during lunch at work. Perhaps go for a walk, bring weights to work, encourage a group staff walk (and schedule in the task section), bring in a health coach or exercise specialist weekly for your staff and/or exercise a little before or after work. 4. Declutter your shop: If you shop is full of clutter, disorganization, and chaos it can certainly be challenging to want to go to work. Lighten up your shop by becoming more in control and organized. Since you are a shopVOX user, you have access to an amazing tool that will help you in this area. 

Solution: Organize your inventory, sales leads, orders, job, quotes, and most of your other information in your shopVOX print shop management software. This will lead to less papers, piles and more organization.

5. Plan staff events:Find ways your staff to enjoy themselves together. One of our customers regularly plans fun events for the employees, like dinner nights, happy hours, bowling, and so on. When a team of employees and yourself can bond outside of everyday work, they tend to work better together. When you witness this, passion can be reignited. 

Solution: Schedule your staff to leave an hour early from work one night for a nice dinner or plan a fun break in the afternoon to go to a rock climbing gym. Assign this fun event in shopVOX, too! In this picture, the shopVOX sales team is out enjoy a nice dinner together. 6. Write out your shop's mission statement: Get your heart into your business. What makes your company stand out from other print shops? Why are you in the print industry? Reconnecting with this purpose can do much to bring back your passion.

Solution: After writing out your mission statement, don't just keep it for yourself. Share it with other. Place it on your website, include it in the signature or your emails, and perhaps even include it at footer of your terms and conditions.

There are numerous ways to reignite passion for your print shop. As a user of shopVOX, you have an amazing tool that can help by keeping your shop very organized and running in an orderly fashion with much less stress!!! Not yet a shopVOX user? Check out that shopVOX can do for your print shop - The best print shop management software