6 Ways to Make the Shipping Process Easier

April 27th, 2020

Since we are being asked to physical distance from one another, businesses need to adapt for success. Many custom businesses are forced to stay closed from public foot traffic and in-person consultations, therefore they need to learn new ways to fulfill orders. Fulling orders these days includes shipping more products than usual. Shipping can be a hassle as it involves more steps in the fulfillment process and shipping can be time-consuming especially for custom products like custom banners, posters, t-shirts and apparel.

As a shopVOX user, you can enjoy an easier and faster shipping process if you take advantage of the following features:

  1. Integrate FedEx with shopVOX. When you integrate FedEx with shopVOX, you are able to look up rates for your quotes, sales orders, and invoices, and create shipments right from shopVOX without opening another tab or logging into FedEx. This saves time!

  2. Integrate UPS with shopVOX. When you want to ship via UPS, you can easily do so through shopVOX instead of taking the extra steps of going to the UPS website. Fewer tabs and more time to focus on other tasks.

  3. Add shipping profiles. Adding a Shipping Profile can save a lot of time when creating a Shipment Label, especially if you ship out a lot of boxes that are the same sizes. These instructions will show you to create a shipping profile.

  4. Print labels from shopVOX. When you integrate UPS and FedEx with shopVOX, you can create shipping labels right from shopVOX. No more needing to log into FedEx or UPS in a new tab. You will see the option to print labels after you create a shipment in shopVOX. Convenient!

  5. Safe storing of tracking numbers on shipments. You can safely store all tracking numbers in shopVOX. If there are any questions about where a package is, you can retrieve the tracking number quickly in your customer's account in shopVOX. No need to look for countless emails trying to find a specific tracking number.

  6. Set up shipping options in shopVOX. Export shipping charges accurately to QuickBooks or Xero. It's important to have accurate shipping costs that can be forwarded to your accountant. When you set up shipping options in shopVOX and integrate shopVOX with either Quickbooks or Xero, there is no second-guessing what your shipping costs for the year are.

When you take the time to integrate shopVOX with your preferred shipping companies and you set up the above features, you can experience less stress in your shipping process. Shipping integration is a free add-on from shopVOX. Contact your sales rep to add it on.

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