7 Creative Ways to Generate More Sales Leads

October 3rd, 2019

In order to thrive in the sign industry, you need a steady flow of sales leads to add to your sales pipeline. With so much competition in the sign industry, it helps to be creative when attempting to generate more leads.

Creative marketing can give you more exposure than traditional advertising. Plus, there is often less competition with these methods.

In our last few articles, we discussed what a sales pipeline is and how to create one in shopVOX. Now it's time to fill that pipeline with some fun and creative ways:

Trade Shows

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Trade shows are interactive and allow you the opportunity to meet potential clients face to face. You can have conversations, have demonstrations and show off product examples. Trade shows can build your sales pipeline.

Networking Events

Most cities hold networking events that attract small business owners and managers together. As a sign maker, you offer a service that they need for their branding efforts. Just like trade shows, networking events offer the chance to have conversations about what you offer and how your products can benefit their businesses.

Enter Design Contests

Entering a design contest allows your products to be seen by a new audience. If your design wins the contest, your design will most likely be promoted. In addition, you will have bragging rights. Winning a contest can offer validity to the quality of your products. Enter this month's #VOXcontest for a chance to win a 50 inch TV and bragging rights.


Hashtags are very popular and people love to use them. Create a hashtag that is uniquely yours. Add this hashtag to your business cards, your website and use it when posting on social media. Those interested in products and services, can search for your hashtag to discover your posts on social media.

Host a Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are a creative way to be known as the expert in your industry, as well as to gather people together under your umbrella. Host a weekly twitter chat that would feature topics of interest to your target market. Create a hashtag to use exclusively for this chat.

Sponsor an Event

Being a sponsor will put your branding in front of your target market and give you the chance for generating more sales leads. Find an event that attracts the type of people you want as customers. Then, sponsor the event so your business branding will be displayed at the event.

Host Webinars

People like to be educated before making pricey purchases and custom branding products. Signage like channel letters, monument signs, and vehicle graphics are often researched before a business owner makes the final decision. Offering an educational webinar can put you in the position of an expert and offer credibility to what you are selling.