7 Reasons Why shopVOX Sign Software is NOT for You

September 2nd, 2015

Sign shop software is all the buzz for sign businesses these days because systems like shopVOX are truly is transforming the way that shops are doing business for the better. But, there are some people who are still shying away from helpful software software solutions. Sure, we all are a bit different and run businesses differently, so sign shop software may not be for everyone. Let's explore some reasons why shopVOX may not be for you:

You love clutter: If you love piles and piles of folders, post it notes, and random papers all over your desk and enjoy not knowing where all of your information is, then shopVOX is not for you. If clutter makes you thrive, then enjoy your clutter because shopVOX sign shop software has the great power to reduce clutter on so many levels.

 You have a love of handwritten quotes and invoices: If you are so old school that you really have a passion for handwritten quotes, invoices and notes, then hopefully you have amazing handwriting and carbon copies as well for your records. If you have a passion for handwriting everything, then shopVOX is not for you! shopVOX will give you that ultra professional appearance that is so easy to understand.

You have the most amazing memory... and your staff does too:All of your friends and family are continually impressed with all that you remember and you never ever forget anything at all. shopVOX makes it so you don't have to always rely on your memory for your business. There is so much to remember - everything from conversations, quotes, processes, inventory and more and more! If you don't need a system to help you and your staff remember, then shopVOX is not for you because it will make is you can include all of your business information accessible in one place anytime you happen to forget.

You really have mastered the white board:The famous white board that sign shops have used for years and years is increasingly becoming replaced with shopVOX sign shop software. But, if you are the White Board Master and have found a way to provide detailed info about each project including whose assigned to each project, the due dates, and other necessary information as well as a system that keeps track of progress, then shopVOX may not be for you! I know its hard to break away from being the White Board Master to move to a software system that it is able to keep track of jobs more efficiently and effectively with less mistakes.

You hate being environmentally conscious: Cutting down trees for more papers makes you smile. Between invoices, quotes, proofs, notes and other documents being printed daily - that's a lot of paper being used and lots of trees being chopped down - not to mention a lot of factory pollution! According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the average office throws away about 350 pounds of paper per employee, per year! If you like contributing to this, then shopVOX is not for you because shopVOX can drastically help your reduce your paper usage.

You have lots and lots of time to waste: Taking time to look through filing cabinets for old files, going through piles of paper looking for a quote you create last week, calling your staff continually for job updates and running back and forth to the office to do paperwork take up so much time. If this appeals to your mind and you have endless energy to work extra hours everyday, then shopVOX is certainly not for you because it will save you so much time.

You thrill at screaming through the walls at your staff: Maybe you really enjoy yelling through your shop to see if projects are complete, tasks are started or if supplies are in stock - especially when customers are in the office. Sure it would be easier to look at your computer for updates and inventory management, but if hearing yourself yell is more thrilling - then well, shopVOX is not for you! shopVOX can keep you up to date on everything within your shop - so yelling through may not be as necessary any longer.

shopVOX is an amazing tool that will change the way you do business at your sign shop. Sure, change can be scary, but change is needed in business. Sometimes people love their old habits because they seem to be working, but imagine working at a higher level, saving time and getting more done. For something is exciting. If it's exciting for you, then be sure to try a free trial of shopVOX by clicking this link here: Free trial of shopVOX Image Credit: Man image created by Asier_relampagoestudio