7 Super Tips to Successfully Sell Remotely

July 27th, 2020

Everyone is affected by the current crisis. Our world is changing and we all need to adjust to be successful in our businesses. Sales reps are forced to adjust their sales methods and need to learn how to sell remotely. No more in-person eye to eye contact – at least for a while.

Learning how to effectively sell remotely is exactly what salespeople need to do to accomplish now in order to be successful tomorrow. Check out these seven tips:

1. Schedule your day.

Working away from the office may seem like a great opportunity to be with your family more, to get more exercise and to take a few more breaks. While these all may be true, be careful to not just wing your days and go off of what you “feel” like doing. It’s important to schedule your days so you can accomplish all of your goals and to stay on track. 

2. Research prospects.

Before talking to prospects, learning about them will give you an understanding of their company and you will be more well informed during the sales call. What’s the size of the company? Are they a public or private company? What is the role of the person you will be talking to? Who are their competitors? What is the company's mission statement?

To research prospects, check out their LinkedIn, press and media release pages, social media feeds, Quora, and their company blog.

3. Face to face contact.

Even though you may not be able to see people in person, you can still have face to face contact thanks to modern technology like Zoom, Facetime, and Skype. The key to choosing the best communication tool depends on the people you are talking to. As the salesperson, it is best to make it easy and simple for those you are talking with. 

4. Effective communication tools.

When having face to face sales calls, make sure you have a high quality microphone, headphone and webcam setup. Test these tools before calls to ensure they work properly. Dealing communication tools that are going in and out and that are not clear leave a poor example to those you are attempting to sell to.

5 Be prepared.

Instead of winging sales calls, have all items needed for the call ready before each sales call. Research like stated in tip four, then use that information to prepare talking points, questions and product suggestions for the prospect. Put these in your notes section in shopVOX, so you don't forget. If you are going to screen share, make sure your screen is on the proper page before the call. If you are suggesting products, have those products ready to demonstrate.

6. Be mentally ready.

Sometimes we jump into sales calls after worrying about family or after debating about politics with a friend. These are not the best mindsets to have during a sales call. Mentally prepare yourself by taking a few minutes to distress. Try deep breathing, a quick walk or meditation to center yourself.

7. Listen more.

When you understand your customer better, you can better serve the needs of your customer. Ask questions that have the potential to give you insight into their business and what they desire to achieve with your services and products. In addition, just like you, others are going through challenging times right now and may want to talk.

Being adaptable in your sales methods now is necessary to be successful. Also, being adaptable in most areas of your business is important now. Be sure to check out our new eBook Kickstart Your Shop after COVID.