Helpful Tips for Creating a School Online Fundraising Store

August 27th, 2018

It's back to school season! School season is the busiest time of the year for fundraisers. So, it's best to get your fundraising stores ready! Fundraising can bring in a lot of revenue for a cause - especially, if the fundraising campaign and the online store are easy to use. 

Here are nine tips to help with creating your online fundraising store: 

  1. Determine the best products. Consider the answers to these questions:
    • Which products bring in the most revenue, yet are meet the needs of your customers?
    • Which products are more requested?
    • Which products sell best on your e-commerce platform? 

  2. Keep in simple. Keep words simple, sentence structure short and describe items without getting too wordy. 

  3. Reduce friction for your customer. Make it easy for customers to order. Drop downs are simple to use. Offer a few options, but not too many. 

  4. Customer friendly language. Use terms and phrases that customers would understand. If you use industry language, customers are usually not familiar with those terms and they may sway away because of this. So, use words the average person understands. 

  5. Images matter. Use high quality, captivating images. Show products from all angles. Avoid using text in the images if possible. 

  6. Provide a variety of payment options. The more payment options available, the easier it is to purchase products.  

  7. Market, market, market. Advertise on social media, create a SEO-friendly blog for contest marketing, and start an email marketing campaign. 

  8. Get reviews. After a purchase is made follow up for reviews. This helps with trust of potential customers. 

  9. Watch this video. This video offers more tips for shopVOX users that are using WebStores. Webstores - Best Practices from TechVOX Inc on Vimeo

Hope these tips help inspire you to start your fundraising store. Now, go and raise some funds for causes!! If you looking for a way to manage the workflow of your orders and to create your own WebStore, you can sign up for a free shop management trial to experience how easy shopVOX is to use to manage your shop's workflow.