Announcing April's Design Contest Winner

May 1st, 2018

When many people think of art, they often consider the talented works Picasso, Monet, and Rockwell or the sculptures of Donatello and Robin. Perhaps, they visit a Art Museum to be in awe of the art displayed there or a local art festival admiring the creative designs of local artists. But, how often do people walk around admiring or pondering over the art they view in their everyday lives? Everywhere you go, there is creative art that was designed by professionals who work day in and day out enhancing the images of businesses all over our world. At shopVOX, we honor this type of work. This is the very creative work of our users. We honor this work in several ways. One of those ways is to publicly offer a monthly design contest for all of our users. If they choose to enter, they have a chance to win a 50 inch TV for their business to use their shopVOX software on. This month, the winner , All American Printing and Design, created this creative and gorgeous donor wall made out of corian and painted PVC.  Make sure you congratulate them on Facebook. Share with your friends using #VOXcontest. Also, check their website out to see more of their creative work.