Announcing February's 2018 Design Contest Winner

February 28th, 2018

Design contest winner Pensacola Sign Graphic for Fishbein OrthodonticsThe votes are in and we have a winner for February's #VOXcontest. This design took 2.5 weeks to finish from start to total completion! Pretty impressive for an Identity Monument Sign. This eye catching design was created by Pensacola Sign & Graphics, Inc. Their client, Fishbein Orthodontics, contracted them because they had an urgent need to create a new identity sign since they were hosting a large conference in 2 and a half weeks.Their old sign was falling apart and was not acceptable to represent Fishbein. This was a tight window to create a new sign that would grab traffic attention and stand out. Within this tight time frame, they fabricated and built this winning multi-layer sign. The client was extremely pleased!Now, the team at Pensacola Sign & Graphics is pleased too! They are winning a 50 inch TV for their sign business. This will allow them to display their shopVOX software on - making it easier to view the job board and to use at team meetings! Make sure you congratulate Pensacola Sign & Graphics for winning this month's #VOXcontest! You can do so on our Facebook page. Please share with your friends using #VOXcontest. To learn more about this contest, please visit our #VOXcontest webpage