Are you Ready to Kick the Post-It Note Habit?

September 2nd, 2016

Are you Ready to Kick the Post-It Note Habit?I know post-it notes seem so convenient, right? Someone calls, you grab your handy dandy post-it notepad, you write down the important stuff from the conversation and maybe a little doodle on the side while they ramble on and on about the weather, then conveniently you stick the note to the side of your computer, on the desk or on your other favorite place to hopefully see the post-it note later. Post-it notes and similar options have become a modern way of note taking. They are fun, colorful and convenient until they are cluttered all over your computer, desk, books, and cabinets and then the one you really wanted to reread fell on the floor and become stuck under the wheel of your chair! Have you even found a post-it note weeks after it was written somewhere it was not meant to be like in your desk drawers, the bottom of your shoe, in your purse, or in the dishwasher because it was stuck on the bottom of your lunch container? They sure are a joy when they travel around without anyone even noticing - pretty sneaky, huh? While post-it notes may have their place for some quick notes and it can be like a scavenger hunt trying to track them, a professional shop can really benefit from a better way to take notes. Face it, post-it notes are convenient for the actual act of writing down of a note, but they are not often effective for tracking and passing on notes. Thankfully, as a shopVOX user you have the effective option of taking notes right in your software. Did you know that you can input notes into practically every area of your software? For example, you can add notes to sales leads. Whenever you have a conversation with your sales lead, you can add these notes to the sales lead file. This is a huge benefit to you and to your shop. Here are four really great reasons why:

  1. Impress: Within seconds, you can easily refer back to this sales lead in shopVOX and view the notes from every single conversation that you had about this lead. Now you have a record to refresh your memory when you are talking with a lead and they will be so impressed how you are able to recall the details from all your previous discussions. This can make it easier that going through a pile of post-it notes!

  2. You are not always available: If you are not available when this sales lead calls, another staff member can look up the sales lead in shopVOX and be able to view the record of notes and not make the potential customer wait to be helped. You think this is better than handing over a stack of post-it notes to your team members for them to sort through? We think so!

  3. Sometimes you must travel: If you are on the road and need to access your sales lead notes, simply log into shopVOX and pull up the lead and all the notes are there! How awesome is that?!? Imagine all the room you can save, not having a suitcase full of post-it notes - just in case you need to remember something!  Cloud based software is so cool and convenient!

  4. No more hide and seek: Sure, I love playing this game with my children, but not while I am trying to close a sale! When your notes are in shopVOX, you know right where they are. Simple. Easy. Definite. With all this time save NOT looking for post-it notes, you will have more time to go home and actually play hide and seek with your children or perhaps with your pets.

These benefits are just for sales lead note taking. But, in shopVOX, you can take notes for each customers, each vendor, each quote, each invoice, and so on. I know what you are thinking, "ok, ok, I can add all my notes to shopVOX and they are safe, secure and always available to me, Great! But what about messages, tasks, and assignments? Use post-its for these? "Ok, maybe you were not thinking of that...but I think you need to know the answer to that wonderful question. Sure, you can use post-its for tasks, messages and assignments, but even better, shopVOX allows you to do those as well and they will be kept track and saved for future reference. Pretty incredible and efficient. Do I hate post-it notes? Nope! They are fun, colorful, convenient and have their place. Perfect for quick notes that don't have a need to be stored nor tracked. They are also fun for putting on friends or coworkers desks with inspiring or funny quotes to cheer up their day! So, shopVOX users, take deep breath and kick that post-it note habit. Make sure you are taking notes and assigning tasks in your software. If you do, we promise they won't get lost nor stuck under your chair! Not a shopVOX user? OH NO! Well, take a trip to to learn more.