Art Framing Software

At shopVOX, we’re proud to be your all-in-one art framing software solution. Our tool lets you integrate every piece of your operations into one easy-to-use platform.

shopVOX lets you handle your job quotes, see and manage all your jobs, proof the product for customer approval, and integrate all your existing tools into this one CRM. Managing your art framing shop has never been easier!

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shopVOX Is Your All-in-One Art Framing Software Tool

Operating an art-framing business involves various complex tasks and responsibilities, depending on the size and scope of your business.

You know you have to procure your materials, which could include frames, matting, glass, and other materials for the framing process. Then, you have the design and production since you, as a framer, have to know about design principles, color theory, and the technical aspects of framing if you want to create custom frames that complement and enhance the artwork your customers will display. Finally, you have all the non-production aspects of your business, such as job quoting, customer service, management, marketing, and sales.

Every role is important when you’re an art framing business, and we considered all of that when designing shopVOX as, among many other things, an art framing software solution.

You can use shopVOX to bring these areas together under one roof.

Set Up Your Art Framing Business Quickly

With shopVOX, you can get your art framing business set up and organized in less than an hour.

You input all the essential information to lay the groundwork for what follows. Your hourly shop rate, pricing, and line items go into shopVOX. You can then incorporate other tools that you already use–such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Sage–while setting up other important factors, such as credit card payments, customer lists, and user profiles for your team.

There you have it - the perfect setup inside your very own art framing software.

A closeup of an art frame

Efficiently Manage Your Art Framing Jobs

Of the many useful features inside shopVOX, you’ll probably use the job-management feature quite often. This is the electronic job board where you can track, manage, and see the status of all the open jobs in your production department. With this helpful tool, you can assign tasks to team members, see rush orders, and never miss a deadline again!

Depending on the size and scale of your art framing operation, managing all your jobs can become overwhelming. Keeping track of them all manually in a spreadsheet leaves a lot of room for error.

shopVOX presents multiple view options for your jobs, including card and calendar views, along with custom job statuses for each one. This way, you can see every job at a glance, along with its progress through your shop’s normal operation steps.

This helps you stay organized and efficient and understand where an area of your business might not be as streamlined as it could be. This is one area where many of our customers find shopVOX useful as an art framing software.

Save Time and Money by Making shopVOX Your Art Framing Software Tool

If you want to make your art framing shop more efficient and effective, you need a CRM that does it all for you in one place. That’s shopVOX. We’re happy to be your go-to, all-in-one software resource for all your jobs and shop management.

If you’re interested in taking your shop to the next level, try out shopVOX right now with a free trial!