Byrd Machine Works Inc.'s Experience with shopVOX

November 10th, 2020

Interview with Byrd Machine Works, Inc

Aaron and I had the pleasure of talking the Lyn and Michelle from Byrd Machine Works, Inc about their business and their shopVOX experience.Lyn Byrd, the owner of Byrd Machine Works, Inc, has been a problem solver. since he was a young child. He has been using this incredible skill for the past 28 years, by solving complicated issues for his customers at his business in York, South Carolina. After he solves these issues, he and his team create the assembly line and tools needed for the solution. Lyn's business is has a lot of moving parts and shopVOX helps organize his business. Watch this video to learn about Byrd Machine Works, Inc and how to benefit. 

To check out some of the parts that Byrd Machine Works, Inc has created, visit Lyn's Instagram feed.  

To learn more about shopVOX, try it for FREE for 15 days.  *The featured image was designed by Byrd Machine Works.  Check it out on Instagram.