Close More Sales with these 5 Communication Skills

February 21st, 2017

Close more sales with better communication skillsOf course you want to sell more custom products and the good news is that you can! Closing a sale involves excellent communication skills. You may have the best product on the market, the best designers, and the best materials available, but if you are unable to communicate effectively, you will not be able to utilize what you have and make a profit with it. Here are 5 communication skills that will give you an edge above other sales professionals:

  1. Pay attention: Be in the moment pay attention to what is being said verbally and non-verbally. Take it all in. Words say a lot, but so does body language. Pay attention to the little shifts, nods, hand clasps, rolling eyes, etc. These cues give you tons of information that can give you an idea of where to direct your conversation. 

  2. Empathy: People, even business owners and managers, want to be understood. If you give them understanding, they feel more respected by you and more connected to you. This does not mean that you have agree with them, but you should try to understand where they are coming from and let them know that you do. From there, you can build the bridge to what you think is best for their business. 

  3. Be honest: Always, always be honest. Once you break the trust of another professional, it is almost impossible to get that trust back, especially if your product or service is available somewhere else. 

  4. Know your target industry: Understanding your target's industry's concerns, problems, language, processes and so on will give you the cutting edge over other sales people. When you are talking with your prospect, make sure you are speaking with this knowledge, and when your prospect sees that you understand their business and it's needs, they tend to feel more relaxed with you because they assume you have experience with their industry and can better help them than another salesperson that does not have that experience. 

  5. Be specific: Business owners and managers want to know exactly what they are getting for their money. Generalities won't have them signing over their checks for your custom products.  They need to know the specifics of what you are offering them. Give details. 

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