Combining Line Items in Custom Print Quotes

June 19th, 2019

When creating a quote for a print product, there may be several different lines items that you may want to combine into one line item. For example, you may have the following line items for an order of 100 custom designed t-shirts:

1. Custom design: $85
2. White t-shirts: $400
3. Set up: $49
4. Print: $100

You may not want to include each of these line items in your quote to your customer. With shopVOX you can combine two or more line items into one line item for your customer's quote, yet still have the line items separate on the back end for accounting purposes.. For example, you can combine the Set Up line item into the Print line item. You can do this using our roll up feature.

Learn more about combining line items and how to use our roll up feature in this video:

Using Roll Up to combine pricing for multiple line items from TechVOX Inc on Vimeo.