Custom Manufacturing and Production

At shopVOX, we allow custom manufacturing shops, such as sign shops, custom apparel, or even shop s that make custom cabinets or furniture, to run their business the way they want with our software options. Every critical aspect of your business can be cusotmized and optimized by using our tools. From job management to expert support, the choices we provide to all sign shops are specifically designed to help your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

If you are the manager of a custom manufacturing and production shop, you are just the kind of person who should look into the software options offered by shopVOX. Read on to learn more about our services to make your business thrive.

Setup Your Custom Manufacturing Shop

The first step in any good business model is to start with the basics. We’ve made setting up your software quick and easy, so you don’t have to spend weeks customizing your software. You can establish the fundamental pillars of your custom manufacturing and production shop in less than one hour with shopVOX.

With this software, you can establish the pricing algorithm you wish to use, import accounting data, and set up a communication network that all your employees can use. With this tool, your employees can stay connected and aware of the critical sales and production information they need to know about your business.

Take the Guesswork Out of Product Pricing

With our powerful pricing templates, you can build and price your products, your way! Our team of industry experts have built pre-made products within each account that you can easy copy and customize with your own pricing. Pricing per unit, by square foot, square meter, bulk pricing, cost plus pricing, matrix pricing, labor and machine fees, we have it all within our pricing engine, which allows virtually any custom manufacturing business to price correctly and make a profit. 

Pricing your products and services correctly will also allow your team to provide consistent quotes to your customers. No more guesstimates! Consistent quotes will bring in more sales, and your team can be confident in each quote that they write.

Proofing Made Easy

Our online proofing tool is exceptionally convenient for custom manufacturing shops. As most business owners in this industry know, proofing for custom-made products can be stressful for employees and customers. Constant emails back and forth trying to find just the right design can take more time than you might be willing to allow.

However, with our online proofing tool, employees and customers can communicate with each other directly. Not only will this speed up the process of getting work done, but it will also be a huge help in giving the customer precisely what they are looking for.

A graphic shows the silhouettes of employees and an arrow pointing upManage Your Sign Shop’s Work

Another piece of our software that can help your employees deliver on customer needs is the job management tool. With this tool at your disposal, you can track your jobs in production, schedule production steps to your team, and look back on past projects that you have completed. This will allow your team to produce and deliver jobs to your customers on time, every time. Never miss a deadline again!

In addition to keeping track of past projects, this tool can also help you and your employees look ahead to future projects. With this information on hand, your employees can easily keep track of the assignments they have in front of them and can manage their time accordingly. Use this tool to provide maximum transparency to your team.

Use Our Expert Support Tool

To ensure you are using our tools properly, you may need guidance from the experts at shopVOX. We offer a team of industry experts that can provide you with custom onboarding to make shopVOX fit your business just right. With some quick communication at any time of the day or night, our team of experts can help keep your business in line with your stated goals.

You can contact us and iron out any issues you might have with your business. Our experts have the experience and energy to relate to new and veteran business owners. Seek our advice if you have questions about our software and its use.

shopVOX Can Help You Organize Your Sign Shop

shopVOX can help you organize the operational aspects of your sign shop. Our goal is to improve each business that requests our services. Reach out to us today if you want to use our services and set your business up for success!