Customer Portal for Sign Shops, Print Shops and All Custom Businesses

June 13th, 2017

Are you using shopVOX's Customer Portal? If not, you should be! It can free up valuable time for your shop.customer portal for sign shops_print shops and custom businessesshopVOX's Customer Portal is called cPortal. cPortal is for all shopVOX users and allows your customers to place orders online directly using your own shop's shopping cart. In addition, this customer portal gives your customers the ability to view proofs and approve them, view quotes and approve them, and view their jobs on the job board. Think about how all of these features can save you time from phone calls and emails regarding these types of concerns. cPortal can make life much easier for your shop because it is a customer self service access portal that gives your customers the opportunity to check out the answers to some of their questions and to order products and services without needing to call your customer service or accounts managers. In addition, you can customize what each customers see, as well as pricing for each customer. It's super safe and easy to use. 

As a shopVOX user, you should be taking advantage of this tool. There are free and paid versions. So, get started today with the free version and make your life easier. :)