Customer Spotlight - Ready 2 Run Graphics

April 10th, 2017

Ready 2 Run Graphics is a family-run and veteran owned commercial sign company based in Worcester, MA. They provide a variety of services to the local and greater Boston markets. In house capabilities include CNC routing, digital printing, custom Matthews paint booth as well as installation and design services.Before using shopVOX, the owners Dan and Tim were struggling with managing projects and estimating with profit in mind. Let's get to the Q&A with Dave.

Tell us about your shop

My brother Dan had always been in the graphics industry and back in 2011 he bought a printer and started providing his own graphics. He came up with the name Ready 2 Run because we're always on the go. Couple of years later I retired from the navy and joined forces with Dan at Ready 2 Run so together we could grow the business.The type of products we produce here at Ready 2 Run Graphics run the full spectrum. From decals to installing signs 100' up. We've produced a lot of custom projects. We offer routing, engraving, large format for both interior and exterior projects, painting and vehicle graphics all on site.We're also a veteran owned business and that has brought in many projects including a nation-wide deal with the Parks and Recreation department. 

What problems were you having?

We grew pretty quickly in the first year of business. It got to a point that between the two of us and the current management capacity we just couldn't keep track of everything. We started to look at what was available in the marketplace for shop management software and really liked what we saw with shopVOX.

How has shopVOX improved your shop?

By implementing shopVOX we are able to now manage many more projects at any give time. I could have a customer come in with a completely off-the-wall project which can have a custom workflow built for it within shopVOX. Whether it's a one off, or a 6 month project I'll still be able to keep track of it.In regards to estimating and pricing, shopVOX provides me the confidence that when I build that quote and provide it to the customer that it's going to be an accurate reflection of what we can do, how much it's going to cost and allows the company to be successful on a per project basis.

What is your favorite feature in shopVOX?

My favorite feature in shopVOX would have to be the job board. That is my go-to feature. With the custom workflow steps I can easily see where my jobs are at.