Do This To Keep Your Employees Happy

In the era of COVID-19 and labor shortages across the American workforce, it is critical that business owners keep their current employees satisfied and motivated. What can you do to help your sign shop employees stay interested in their work during trying times? Below are some helpful tips that will assuredly increase the morale of your employees and keep your sign shop humming.

The State of the Union

Staffing shortages in the American workforce always cause some uneasiness amongst the population, but this phenomenon has become even more pronounced in the age of social media. From newsrooms to the White House, labor has become a hefty topic that no one has been able to elude. 

There’s a common trope that has risen to new prominence during the latest staffing shortage. The media has painted a vivid picture of an able-bodied person who can work but is simply choosing not to. 

While this image has actually taken on a worker’s liberation subtext, there is no reason to assume based on historical and economical trends, that the days of people sitting home rather than working are here to stay.

Climate of Reckoning

The current working climate has caused something of a reckoning for many sign shop managers and owners. 

While managers should be aware that issues will come up and employees will not always live up to expectations, it has become of increased importance for managers to keep their cool in high pressure situations. Otherwise, their employees may be more prone to walking away.

Understand Your Employees

Being a boss in a sign shop and being a good leader must go hand-in-hand. In sales-heavy environments, where the work flows fast and managers cannot check in on their staff daily, it is helpful to have seemingly spontaneous meetings with staff members. 

Direct, one-on-one meetings, in which staff members can vent their feelings about the work environment in a friendly setting, can go a long way in making everyone feel heard. Building an honest rapport with your employees is a good tool to maintain a good relationship with each of them.

Two employees look over a chartTalk About the Future

Another step managers can take with their employees is to be open about their future plans with-and-without the company. Talking about retirement contributions and investment opportunities is a refreshing approach that shows employees that you care about them beyond their everyday duties.

Take the time to learn about your employees and look out for them as more than just workers. Managers should put the effort in to take an interest in their employees’ lives. Talking candidly about what an employee’s next job might be and taking a genuine interest in their overall success and growth is a moral choice that employees are sure to appreciate.

For the Culture

Ideally, each employee that works under your leadership should give a glowing review of the work environment you are looking to create. Building a strong foundation will make future hiring much easier. 

Creating a work culture in which employees are encouraged to simultaneously work hard, smart, and be happy is one of the most important jobs of a manager.

As a manager, you should strive to be a respected member of the team. Partaking in honest conversations in which both you and the employee are engaged often leads to positive feedback and a better working environment for everyone.

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