Do you Have Quotes Terms and Conditions for Your Custom Shop?

July 7th, 2015

You may noticed that in your shoVOX's Account Settings, there is a PDF Terms and Conditions areas where you can create your terms and conditions for quotes. Do you have a clear standard quotes terms and conditions policy that is sent out with each quote? If not, you may consider creating such a policy for your shop. Consider the following reasons why:

1. Professional Appearance. Whether you are a large chain of custom shops or you are a small mom and pop shop, a professional appearance gives a positive first impression. A quote is often one of the first things that is prepared for a potential customer. Why not improve your chances with the professionalism that a quotes terms and conditions offers?

2. Avoid unrealistic expectations.  Custom shop quotes terms and conditions often include time frames, payment requirements, and warranty information. When you include these items in your terms and conditions, customers know upfront what to expect. This can build trust upfront, as well as avoid unrealistic expectations.

3. Settle Disputes Faster. The days of handshakes for agreements are not as respected as they once were, especially if an issue arises. Having an standard quotes terms and conditions policy is in writing so when issues arise, referring to this document is a must. It is hard to argue against something written in black and white...and if they insist on arguing, well you have your protection in writing.

4. Minimize the chances of your sign company being taken to court.  Having clear and written terms and conditions usually have a better chance in winning in court than not having terms and conditions in black and white. Terms and conditions that are agreed to are very hard to dispute in most cases. So, protect yourself and create these terms and conditions as you chances to avoid court and winning in court fair better when you have documents that have been agreed to.

5. It's clear when a customer has breached the contract. It is very important to have in black and white when a contract is considered breached. In your terms and conditions for quotes you can include this information. Once the quote is agreed to, these breach terms are agreed to as well. Have you written your Quote Terms and Conditions policy for your custom shop yet? Doing so is super easy. Simply go to your PDF Terms and Conditions in your account settings and click "Quotes". Here you can write up your terms and conditions for quotes.

Don’t have shopVOX yet? Want to learn more? You can here: Custom Shop Management Software. To your success ~ The shopVOX team.