Easy Screen Printing Artwork Proof Approval for Custom Printers

April 4th, 2017

Just about every custom shop is very well aware of the hassle of having to recreate a design because of a mistake - whether it's a subtle or very obvious mistake. This reprinting wastes manpower, time, material, supplies and money. This is why having a screen printing proof approval system is very very important for your bottom line. It will save you the hassle of all of the above and enable you to move onto the next project faster. screen printing software Shirt was designed by Traxler Custom Printing from Columbus Ohio

It's your customer's responsibility to ensure that artwork is correct in all areas. They need to double-check spelling, grammar, layout and the rest of the design. Having an easy screen printing approval system makes this effective and efficient for both you and your customer. Many screen printers use email proofing, which is not often efficient nor easy to manage. This is why we include easy proof approvals in shopVOX software.  When you approve artwork within the shopVOX system, there are many benefits: 

  • You can track the time that the design takes, which is great to know how long it takes for your designer to design. 

  • You can upload the artwork to the job within shopVOX. This makes everything more organized. 

  • If you need to have another staff member to approve the artwork, shopVOX makes it easier and faster than email. 

  • Customers approve the artwork online – not within their email. So when it's approved, you see the approval immediately. This is art approval faster than email!

  • Less time emailing all staff members that the proof is approved. Everyone sees the update in shopVOX. 

  • You can easy keep track of each edit in one place.

  • If you need to find the artwork and edits in the future, they are super easy to find in shopVOX since everything is well organized. 

  • You can view the artwork and approvals from anywhere you have internet access. No need to be in your office. 

Watch this video to see how easy it is to manage proof approvals for your customers: Easy Proof Approvals with shopVOX from TechVOX Inc on Vimeo

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