Exciting Update for ShopVOX’s Live Chat Support

Joanne Cipressi
Sep 26, 2018
As you may know, shopVOX was the winner of Intuit’s $100,000 Small Business App Showdown last November. This was a game changer for shopVOX. Winning this showdown has helped us gain more exposure, more connections at QuickBooks Connect and gave more enthusiasm to our staff. 
This enthusiasm is expanding as we send our Indian team on a fun 7 day tour of India. This trip is a way for the management at shopVOX to express appreciation for their hard work. They will be traveling through and exploring Delhi, Shimla and Manali. Many members of our chat support team will be having fun on this trip. But, please know that there is no need for you to be alarmed, because we have you covered!
ShopVOX thrives in excellent customer service. So, while our usual chat support is wandering around these beautiful areas of India, our non-chat-support staff will be manning chat support during that week. This means that our coaches, developers, sales, and other staff members will be answering your chat requests. This exciting for us, as this will give the majority of our team a chance to better understand what is important to you. 
The India trip will begin on September 30th to October 6th. During that time, when you use chat support, you will be greeted by different staff members than you have been accustomed to. We look forward to this opportunity to serve you and to expand our awareness of what your main issues, concerns and requests are. 
After the India trip is complete, we will continue to rotate different team members to man chat support. This will ensure that the entire shopVOX team can truly relate with it’s users. We are super excited to begin serving our users with improved zeal, understanding and even better customer service than we had before! 
If you have any questions, please use our live chat support. 

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Joanne Cipressi
26 / 9 / 2018
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